Theme Tuesdays: Duallys Part II


After a cottage bachelor party weekend a little recovery time was in order (hence the lack of Monday post), so this weeks Theme Tuesday gets lead off honors and as such I might as well go with something big.

The last dually Theme Tuesday went over very well so I had started pulling together a second almost immediately after.

Something about a big laid out truck that can still pull a trailer (and more slammed trucks) is just so appealing.

Looks like the bed side is in between the tires... sorta like a VW
Square body crew cabs are probably the ones that hit the floor the most often
Via the Metal Worx fanpage
Just fits on the trailer
Love it when people preserve the original paint
S10 crew cab dually? Pretty interesting
Another s10 but regular cab, also missing a bed which leads me to believe that it might be hard to make it look 'right' with the bed
I love how the rear wheels fit on slammed duallys, it is not all the time trucks get dish
Long mirror is long
Hips don't lie
Hauling capability retained
Free Willy?
Wouldn't want to be the one to put one of these on a trailer
Reg Cab dually, incredible looking truck
I was pretty shocked I didn't include this in part one
I really wish I could find more (bigger) photos of it on these wheels
This was found in the same thread as the truck above
More single cab dually
Nicholas H posted this up in the comments of part 1
Love work in progress shots
Still want to shoot some of this myself
Last thing I expected to find on a generally Honda focused blog
Like the striping and red guts in this this
Same truck (I believe) from the front
Found this one on s10forum
The frame on it is pretty damn ridiculous as well
End with this Nissan with a Chevy bed that might cause a stir

This post may have been influenced by the amount of Vanfest photos currently popping into my personal Facebook feed.

Still not sure which spelling is correct and it seems I am not alone.


  1. Just one Ford?
    Indeed slammed duallys are intriguing based solely on the dichotomy of their intended uses before and after modifications. But as you said so many of them still haul heavy after being slammed so it’s all good!

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