Theme Tuesdays: Duallys


Of all the lowered/dropped/slammed/sparking vehicles I have shown people not into ‘the scene’ the two that provoke the most reaction are vans and duallys.

With Vans people just can’t wrap their heads around why someone bothered to modify a family hauler and with duallys they scream bloody murder that the truck is now useless.

The funny thing is 90% of these people couldn’t put a dually to better use themselves so I am not sure what the big deal is, these things look great on the floor.

First or second truck I saved for this post
Excellent capture of a neck break in process
Do I post this image to much? Is that possible?
Damn near tucking lug
Tuckin lug.
Woodgrain flames... surprisingly quite attractive
Who can forget the Big Job from SEMA 2010
I like how this lays out with next to no camber
This post could have almost double as a trucks with flames Theme Tuesday
Well... damn
I've seen those Rockstar rims turn up in the weirdest places but they look best on slammed duallys
After looking at this image I got sidetracked with for awhile
Texas based Hills Hot Rods makes some killer trucks
Not sure if I like this truck more like this
Or in it's original patina
Can't decided what to drive? Bring both.

Dually or Dualie?


  1. The truck where you commented “do I post this image too much” Is awesome. I really dig the late model trucks the most. I like the simple paint scheme. The truck scene is infamous for over the top paint jobs. Nice post!

  2. Used to be a simply breathe taking dually running around shwa couple years back, wish i have a pic of it to send. It was a beast, with wicked power too

  3. I dig those 80’s GM trucks so much… and the one with the bike is awesome. I like the color matching and the dedication to make that bike fit…

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