Winter Wednesdays: Camaro


After yesterdays Mopar fest I figured I should try my best to get the Chevy guys back on board ( and deal with blue oval fans another day).

I’ve never been a huge fourth generation Camaro fan but this one really caught my eye.

Maybe it was the photos, the height its at, or the fact its in the snow, I can’t really say but I felt compelled to save and share these photos.

On topic of Camaros does anyone like the 78-79s other than myself? My girlfriend swears up and down that I am the only person that could possibly like the late second gens.

However because she hates IROCS so I consider her opinion invalid as no 80s child should hate IROCS.


  1. If your born before 1982 and don’t like 2nd gen Camaros you have to be crazy.nothing better than a white and blue 79rs or a 80 dark brown t top with 18 in replica iroc wheels

  2. Bitchin camaro bitchin camaro donuts in your yard hahaha does nobody listen to the dead milkmen ne more I like the irocs because they look like something batman would drive but 2nd gens r ugly but I was born after 82 haha so I guess that makes my opionion worthless

  3. Four of my classmates at mechanics school had late 2nd gen Camaros. Three were Z28s, one of which was a 4-speed manual, and the fourth had a 468ci big block. I’ve always found Camaros odd. Too long, weird seating position, etc.


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