Event Coverage: T.A.S.R 2010


On Sunday July 11th I attended the charity Tuners Against Street Racing show and shine for the third year in a row. This year to switch things up a bit I entered with Team JH instead of Team Toronto Mazda 3 and we were able to take home best team award which was pretty cool.

Like previous years the event went off fairly well considering mother nature decided to cool us down in the middle of the day with a quick thunderstorm.

I got to catch up and shoot the breeze with a bunch of old/new friends which is pretty much all I ask for from an event.

Amusing things

Cheap laughs are sometimes the best type…

This was on a heavily modified Solstice
What if you do both?


This Audiobahn wall was in a Nitro from New York
The back end of the Nitro, DJ hero anyone?
OG Nintendo power pistol > Those
This was hard to shoot, but this MR2 hd a nice clean A/V setup hiding in there

Superlite Coupe

Never seen one of these before so I had to do some research online to learn a bit more about it. I like what I learned sounds like a fun kit to build and drive.

Looks like it belongs on a race track
One of 2 cars sitting on CCWs at the show
A little disappointed I never got to see it run

JRP Jetta

This Jetta may or may not have changed from last year but I noticed a few things this year that I had not before, mainly the sub placment

I really didn't mind the sponsor sticker placement
I liked what they did with the CF hood also
I wonder how imaging is with a set up like this


I took it easy on the Mini Truck pictures at T.A.S.R since I will be at Scrape By The Lake this weekend and will be coming back with lots of mini truck photos

Body dropped first gen s10
This second gen s10 was also very clean


Small showing of Nissan’s but quality none the less

The Sentra SE-R was on my car short list for awhile the 6 speed is enticing
This Skyline took home some hardware
One of the awards he took home was best motor


Small but competitive Subaru class this year

This WRX owner was reppin Team JH as well
This car took home elite Subaru and won a photo shoot with Elle Marie Photography sponsored by myself
His engine bay was freshly redone and included polished components along with a tuck and shave
So nice.

905 Rides

The 905 rides crew came out pretty hard to T.A.S.R and took home a bunch of awards, and for good reason here are two rides they brought out that really caught my eye

This Infiniti had some pretty nice fitment along with a clean exterior
Here's a closer look at the tuck and the dish
This Probe blew me away, I've not seen one in years and never have I seen one this clean
The owner said he couldn't find anyone else rocking wheels this wide on a Probe


Mazda 3’s pretty well dominated the Mazda portion of the show thanks to Team JH and Team Toronto Mazda 3 but there were a few others as well.

Nice lookin 2nd gen, they are so happy
I hadn't seen John in over a year so it was good to see him out
Custom647.ca brought out their flagship ride
Dave is a fellow Seche Media Customer
You might recognize this car from the Mazda 3 photoshoot not to long ago
After climbing up this ladder I found stickers I didn't even know Ryan had
Ami was rocking new wheels and stripes this year creating a very Subaru-eque color scheme
Thanu's sedan looking clean
Mark is a Mississauga car show regular
Mike brought out his RX-8 on Works VS-XX wheels

Honda’s and Acuras

Even though ImportExpo/I Love Honda was the same weekend a few guys skipped the 1.5 hour drive and hung out at T.A.S.R

Del Sol rockin one of my stickers 🙂
The Shinzo 6th gen
If I recall this Acura scored pretty decent in his category
I need two of the big bottles
One clean Accord
I think this car placed in best JDM themed ride category
The orgainzers s2k
People kept telling me to go check out this car and I was not disappointed once I did
Massive 285s out back and blacked out CCWs, I dig


Another small class that had a great cars

Full shot of the MR2 I mentioned in the I.C.E. section

The dudes from Nocturnal made it out again
Sic Ryde's Lexus again, next year he should be tucking rim, I'm not joking.
Aidan brought out his IS300 to a show for the first time
He ended up taking home best Import other
Aidan reppin hard, congrats on the win

Congrats to all of the winners and see you guys next year.


  1. Thanks for the pics of the probe, its mine! it was nice to meet you for sure and great coverage! im glad that you were since i put that sticker on my wheel! lol

    i love that is300!

  2. that s2k with the black wheels is awsome and the sky line with the rb26 is epic i think that impretza is sweet but what’s with the spoiler deleting i keep seeing its un holy @ erock sick rims dude

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