Theme Tuesdays: CCW Wheels


CCW is one of a few custom wheel manufacturers who have really been making an impact on the internet lately and it’s no surprise since they make gorgeous looking wheels to essentially.

Their classics and LM20 models are their most popular it would see but I have yet to see a set of wheels from them I didn’t like.

After seeing two set’s on the weekend at Tuners Against Street Racing I figured an appropriately themed Tuesday was in order.

In case you missed this s2000 from T.A.S.R
Super Lite Coupe on ccws
Nathan's ride, which was featured here before kills it
It was hard to keep this one out of my Corrado Theme Tuesday
Mustang owners love CCWs
WFSU.Net has serious cars
More Mustang goodness
I wonder what the specs are on these
FD looking great
So.. much... win
Rear fitment is off the charts
If the tops up hard > Soft
Fantastic product shot
Nice lookin clown shoe
Even Vette's are in on the fun
Getting ready to put down some numbers
Time to try and convince my dad to get one of these again

Want more CCW hotness? Check out flushstance


  1. I just think of a song as I view these wheels:
    “all I do is win win win no matter what
    I got money on my mind and imma never give it up
    When I walk into the building everybody’s hands go up!”

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