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I’ve got a serious amount of photos from Tuners Against Street Racing to sort through and I knew I wasn’t going to have them edited and posted before I left for work today so for this Monday morning I thought I would share what a local, female, BBS/Euro/Slam lover has been doing with her set of custom 17X9 et 20 and 17X10.5 et 28 pink BBS RS wheels.

The final destination of these wheels was an e46 but they made a few different stops along the way…

Originally these wheels were fit to a bagged, silver, Golf which I’m sure most of you have seen here or on other sites around the web:

At Vagkraft 2009
Dat ass
This is the picture I used for my girls with hot cars Theme Tuesday from awhile back

After the wheels were taken off the GTI they were milled and re drilled to fit BMWs and had a quick stop on this Z4

The pink on these wheels is crazy bright

and after the z4 they ended up at their final home on this e46.

While she’s not entirely done with the stance in the rear she is off to a great start since she has already made a few BMW guys uncomfortable…

That air freshener kills me
Sittin low

The wheel build is here for those who are interested in how they ended up looking how they do today

Photo Credit: S|Kristine
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  1. ive got a thing for z4′ (more z4m hardtops) i saw one painted in a brownless red color that i can never remember the name of a while back PS sick wheels

  2. Actually I have two sets. One that has always been on the GTI (which is now gold) and the other I purchased specifically to fit my second vehicle, the convertible E46. 17/9 et 20 and 17/10.5 et 13.75 for the E46 and 17/9 et 20 and 17/11 et 25 for the GTI. Cheers!


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