Oliver’s Travels: 1


In celebration of the fan page surpassing the 8k milestone (thanks) I’ve decided to debut a new category on the site called ‘Olivers Travels‘.

Who’s Oliver you might ask? Well Oliver (Ollie) is a long time reader and knowledgeable enthusiast who has submitted a few things here and there before.

I am convinced Ollie simply loves anything with a motor and four wheels because week after week he sends me a variety of cars that he finds in places he won’t identify.

This part 1 of Oliver’s Travels is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his submissions and should give you an idea of the variety to expect from these posts.

Ollie is a bit of a Mini fan.. by a bit I mean quite a Mini fan
More so fast Minis with Honda motors
This Volvo was recently featured on Stance | Works but Ollie sent it in ages ago
Bombs, not always weapons of mass destruction
This is a 48 International Metro
Wide body v12 monster of a Cobra
If Ollie told me the wing keeps this car from going airborne I'd believe him
Alfa Romeo GTV6 Rendering
Oh my stars and garters...
Hubs and whites!
The Skull Orchard Express
Gassers... functional Stance OGs?
Grande lighting them up

Ollie has been a long time reader and contributor for awhile so it only made sense to give him something regular.

Hopefully you like this new addition to the content.

Oh and welcome to the new look of Stance Is Everything.


  1. soooo honored dude what started as basically a conversation has grown into something awsome 😀

  2. A couple of these cars have been featured in Hot Rod Magazine (The Shelby and the one below the Corvette). The Shelby must be a wild ride! Good job Ollie and Dave!

  3. Hey! congratulations Ollie! Seen you commenting and mentioned a bit too, keep up the good work! Love minis!

    And Dave – I’ve said it already but the new layout is smooth! Love it!

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