Theme Tuesdays: Opels


I had thought about doing a favorites Theme Tuesday on cars from either the recent Eibach event or Hella Flush 8 in Venice Beach but I realized that you have probably all seen those same cars all weekend so I decided to go in a completely different route.

I told Ollie I had this in mind last week and like always he came through with a bunch of awesome pics to go with the ones I had saved. So together we came up with this fairly robust collection of sick Opels (/Vauxhall).

Did my best to name these all correct but a few may have slipped up on so if I did let me know 😛

Starting things of with Emanuals Rekord
Sitting sick on banded steels
Nice looking Kadett City
I love chrome window frames on boxy cars.
Another Rekord, sedan this time gives off that older American vibe
This pan scrapers one has been around
All this fitment no camber, interesting
Ollie took some time out to find this one tuned by Mattig. Damn wide car
Kinda reminds me of a 5er... kinda
The VX220 which shares a lot with the Elise
Cage inside intrigues me...
Kadett C from Speedhunters, also want
Warning race spec Opels inbound
Droop snoot is really a fitting nick name for these
Got grip?
Makes me want to get out to more vintage car races
These remind me of another car but I can't think of what right now
I am told this car is an ungodly beast of an automobile
Banded steels on errrthang
A few people sent in this build, thanks! Great read

As always suggestions for more weeks are appreciated and added to ‘the list’.


  1. Besides my favorability towards Volvo’s, I’d have to say the Vauxhall/Opel sect falls second. Small(ish) cheap cars (well, in Europe anyway), 4cyl, and most rwd. What more could you ask for? I wish more would have made it to the states, and had actually not rusted into the ground by today.

  2. i had that mattig astra in on my desk top for weeks i finaly thought im not gona need it and got rid the next day dave emails me asking for opels and could i remember the tuners name could i hell lol

  3. thanks mat i tryed to find that vid to show dave but i couldnt remember what it was called

  4. I think the one that kind of reminds you of a 5er is a Lotus Carlton. Hugely powerful for its day (1990 – 1992), and still today, with 281KW from a twin turbo charged 3.6 litre straight six.

    Has to be the ultimate sleeper.

    • Murray you are right it is a Carlton, but I didn’t know it was a Lotus. Interesting. Stock twin turbo in a car like that is pretty rad.

  5. dave the lotus vauxhal carlton was the worlds fastest production car for quite a while it was in the email

  6. Hey the white Firenza is mine ( 4th from bottom ), still got it . We spaced the wheels out a bit since I took that pic – it’s in particularly good company on here… 🙂

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