Not too long after I started this automotive blogging thing I made a few connections with other open minded car enthusiasts like myself. Noah at Hatch Life was one of these enthusiasts (along with Phil, Ant, Logan, and more).

He is a car guy first and a Honda enthusiast second. His enthusiasm for all sorts of automobiles of a variety of different styles really knows no bounds (sound familiar?) and though other priorities took him away from blogging for a bit he’s back up to his old tricks now and recently posted this bus that might be too good to be true.

It’s big, it’s low, and it looks fast, but the more I look at it the more I am convinced it’s just a really good rendering or at the very least a real vehicle on rendered backgrounds? Not sure but I NEED to know more about this! Anyone? Bueller?

Looking at it I doubt those tires could handle the load if it was real but I have been wrong before
Fool me once...


  1. Dave,EPIC LOL i was commenting on joes comment but john snook infront of me whats with the awsome pic you trying to out ramdom me? LOL

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