Purpose built Miatas


As much as I love slammed Miatas today’s collection of Mazda roadsters caught my eye because judging by the way these cars are set up it’s safe to assume that they do a lot more than hard parking and actually take these cars out to the track.

If your building a car to tear up your local track and the ride height you need for that leaves you with some fender gap that’s alright by me.

Just go fast to make up for it, real fast.

Blue on gold, never fails, works help also
Rain with the top down
This car looks fun
This looks like a car that could take you by surprise
Clean and functional
Double the trouble


  1. i love miatas (mx5 in europe or eunos if your all jdm) i would buy one tomorow if i didnt have surf boards ,mountan bikes, sailing crap and dive grear to lug about ive even got a file full of photos but thses are abit well….. limp risted you can have a racer with minimal fender gap all you need are wheel arches (overfenders)or streched fenders and then you can run biger wheels with more tyer p.s mk1s are best lol

  2. For me personally if I was going to track car I would go back to an e30 cause first love thing. (oh and like you said hold more stuff)

    I think these cars are more on the street side of things but I wouldn’t mind driving them, actually I want to drive a Miata to see what all the fuss is about 🙂

  3. the thing is in europe that insurance is doble or triple that of us or canada theres no way in hell i could insure a e30 at 20 years old it would be about 9000us dollars wich is more than an e30 costs to by

  4. they were known as the “baby Ferrari”. And the only problem with them, is that they are phenomenally underpowered in stock form

  5. im a beta monte carlo (with new breaks)man my self x 1/9’s are to wedge like for me personaly but that are very good little cars

  6. oh hey that red Mazdaspeed MX-5 on bronze wheels was mine 🙂

    Yes, it was a street car but it did see a little competition as well. The bronze wheels were my “commute to work” wheels with crummy neo-gens on them, but I liked the bronze so much that I kept them on even when I would hit up the canyons. 225whp + lightweight car + crummy tires = rather exciting.

    Anyway, got rid of the car a few weeks back for an 06 MX-5 which has quite possibly the worst stock stance of any car in history, so I have a lot of work ahead of me to make it look good.

    Thanks for featuring my car!

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