WTF Friday: Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery?


One of the main reasons people choose modify their car is so that it’s different than any other on the road, this is especially true when the platform you are working with is fairly common.

During the time Stance Is Everything has been active Level One member Dan has built two unique, very low, and fairly well known Honda s2000s.

His most recent being the now sold yellow rendition that’s been posted here multiple times and featured on Illmotion, Stretch & Poke, and twice on Stance Nation.

This car obviously has fans world wide, one of whom loves the car so much they decided to replicate it nearly identically, all the way down to a not-quite-right Level One sticker.

Dan’s car early last season on the new wheels with the factory bumper
With the ASM front bumper
The imitation
The imitation, note the Level One sticker and similar ‘School of Hard Parked‘ Stretch & Poke sticker
Dan’s car at Importfest in 2012
The facsimilie
The facsimile as of  March 24th 2013

If the imitation stopped at the most recent version of Dan’s car that would be one thing but the owner has obviously been following Dan’s car from afar for awhile, check out the photos below.

Dan with the white TE37s
and the imitation…

Considering all the time and effort put into copying Dan’s car it’s weird the owner couldn’t have thought of a few personal touches or at the very least drawn inspiration from a few sources.

I guess it is a compliment to Dan’s tastes.

Site Updates

Hope to round out the Mega Speed coverage between now and Monday and then start to work on some of the Air Lift Performance content I’ve got lying in wait.

Flashback Friday

If your curious about all most of the revisions Dan’s car went through take a look back at the post titled ‘Shoe Fetish‘ from 2012.


  1. Am I seeing a yellow hardtop on Dan’s car in the 2012 pic? There’s those thingies under the headlights that Dan’s car doesn’t seem to have too.

  2. What is the point of this blogspot? You are putting down another person’s work because his car look’s similar to your friend’s car? B/c your friend’s car isn’t like the other X number of s2k’s with a ASM bumper and work wheels on stretched tires and neg camber?? We are all automotive enthusiasts w/ diff tastes. Not one trend is better then the other, it’s all subjective. I agree copying your friends crew logo/sticker is tacky, but isn’t that same sentiment overlooked when it comes to replica parts, which have actual ramifications…

    • You are correct many cars are similar to one another and had this car not twice emulated the local s2000 or copied the sticker I probably wouldn’t have posted anything.

      It’s just a little weird that the owner liked Dan’s car so much he wanted to copy it right down to the stickers.

      Also if we all had different tastes this wouldn’t happen 😉

  3. Take a chill pill roastbeef… There’s nothing negative about this post.

    Dave, maybe the word “copying” could be replaced with the word “replicating”?

  4. So, having a lightly modded S2k in a color it already comes stock in is replication? This is silly. Some cars do get copied, but not this. He barely did anything to it aesthetically, and again.. the most notable feature is the paint job.. and S2K’s come stock with this type of yellow.

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