Theme Tuesdays: Tandem Axles


Let’s be honest, this Theme Tuesday was a long time coming, considering my affinity for OG styled minitrucks, bed dancers, classic low riders and vehicles of that nature. The most recent WTF Friday featuring a pick up converted, tandem axle, Corolla wagon really made me ponder these eccentric and unique builds.

The amount of work put into tandems is staggering, and certainly not for the faint of heart. Going this distance is a true point of no return because adding even a non powered second axle requires significant body and chassis modifications.

And yet they were still pretty popular, I wonder if anyone is building one in 2017?

“Pure Insanity” is basically the combination of classic lowrider, og minitruck and tandem axle all in one
Minitrucking mag proved an invaluable resource for sourcing many of the images for today’s post
Is there anything that hasn’t been done to the B2200? Drag, minitruck, drift truck, I wonder if a time attack B22 exists out there?
Where tandems go to die…
In high school a fellow student had a bagged Ranger of this generation, it was single axle and all in primer but honestly one of maybe five modified first gens I have ever seen
I feel like most venues would be in real trouble if a bunch of Tandems showed up
I’m impressed that this trailer can hold two tandems comfortably. Must be the third axle on the trailer
Two axles too common? Go triple.
I know that one of you reading this will be able to quickly produce a video of this truck, so I’ll just wait….

Is it bad that I am actually most curious about those rear wheels? Imagine all four of those under an otherwise stock body C10?
Speaking about C10s how about this? The one large fender is an interesting touch
I always though there was potential here… as crazy as that is to type out…. maybe not with the hood
While many of the trucks posted today have the extra axle just along for the ride, the axle on this truck is in fact powered
A detailed run down of all the work done can be found here on Truck Trend
It would appear I actually saw this car in person my first visit to SEMA….
More vintage lowrider/minitruck goodness
This truck has the unique distinction of being the only tandem axle truck I’ve seen in person more than once – Photo:
Of course when I saw it it had been completely reworked and debuted as the “Six Shooter”
One of the things I remember most about the 2012 SEMA was seeing this truck leave under it’s own power. Not something that can be said for many other SEMA vehicles.
I am going to end with this truck because it is the most straight forward of all of the ones posted and where the tandem craze could be reborn if it were to be reborn

I think after this week’s Theme Tuesday I might try and do something traditional next week, but no guarantees, I am really having fun with this off the wall stuff!


  1. What rear ends are these guys using. Im looking to tandem axle the rear of my s10 with a v8 but i want all 4 rear tires to spin… Any ideas?

  2. The Bass Waves one on the back of the double tandem trailer is still around and in great shape. It is displayed at Devious Kustoms car shows in va and Maryland. The body work is absolutely perfect to this day!

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