WTF Friday: Twin Engine Echo


Pretty well topping my list of ‘things I didn’t expect to see this week ever’ would have to be this twin engine Toyota Echo.

I’m not currently up to date with what goes in on the Echo world but I have reason to believe that this car doesn’t represent the average Echo owner especially when you consider that the car puts down 503hp at 8.5psi.

To each axle.

Pretty unsuspecting little car, I bet most people wouldn’t even look in it’s direction
However upfront there is a 4age Blacktop motor with a gt28rs turbo and 6 speed transmission
And out back there is a 4age Blacktop motor with a gt28rs turbo and 6 speed transmission…
The car currently isn’t plated, but it does actually have a firewall which was removed for the shoot
Last time I ever underestimate an Echo…

Crazy, yet intriguing, is probably the best and easiest way to describe this car, and as the video below proves it actually moves which isn’t something I can say I ever saw the last twin engine car from this neck of the woods do.

Hopefully the owner gets it certified, and plated because it would be cool to catch this car at a couple events.

Photo Credit: GJM Photography

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Site Updates

First of all thank you to everyone who has submitted there car as an Importfest potential, it’s cool to know how many of you are down to help support.

I should be able to make a decision within the next week or so and as much as I hate to be “that guy” some cars will have to wait until next year when I get more space (maybe even my own).

As for this weekend Saturday evening I will be at the Scion FRS Launch gathering at Scarborough Scion (1897 Eglinton Avenue East) which runs from 5pm to 9pm.

Flashback Friday

I mentioned up above that I have never seen or heard from anyone who saw the twin motor GTI run and I was pretty close to assuming the same for the car below had I not found this video.

Come to think of it not sure I have seen that car this year at all.


  1. haha that 300c is ridiculous. Ive seen it at Scrape By the Lake, It uses buttons in the center console to steer…although from what I saw its a trailer queen haha

  2. wow ive never herd quebec french before tats one crazy accent!

    that cage is awful and the spoiler makes it look like it has ears but apart from that its pretty cool

  3. I work with the owner of this car, guy is hilarious and not a quebecer, the guy hired to do the work is in Quebec. Not many people have the skill or balls to pull this off.

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