Guest Coverage: Driven Aftermarket & Performance Show 2012


Weekend posts on SIE are a rarity (I like to ride my bike) however I do make the odd exception for great content like today’s guest coverage.

It’s not often I get a chance to share what’s going on in Calgary so luckily for all of us previously featured photographer Mike McConnell happened to be at this years Driven aftermarket & performance show in Calgary with a brand new camera he was dying to test out.

According to Mike Driven is a show similar to  Toronto’s Importfest and judging by the variety of cars I would say his description is pretty accurate.


Nice looking Super Sport
Cragar wheels, a timeless classic
Factory fresh Boss


Driven has everything
For whatever reason the sideskirt vents matching the body vents is the first thing I noticed about this car
I tried to get a little more information on this car but the Autodream site isn’t really working
Judging from other photos I’ve seen of this car it’s a goer
Calgary gets pretty damn crazy weather so there is a chance the owner used those ski’s later that day
Very nicely done IS300
I’m sure I am not the only one that has noticed Vossens popping up everywhere?
Not a huge fan of the wheels on this RX-7 myself, but I can appreciate how damn clean it is
Function and form
Dropped Civic with spotless rear quarters
Judging by the size of the turbo this car is no joke
Highlighter yellow/green is a hot color this year
Little bit of VIP styling
Widened Regas look amazing.


Props to the owner of this car for managing to keep his bumper surrounds straight, it’s a bitch.
Driven e46 M3
CRC prepared Golf
fifteen52 snowflakes filling those wells nice
Beautiful colour
Great shot of a great machine
Mike likes the Benz front end obviously
I read over on Illmotion this won best GTI
Not hard to see why
I’ll end the coverage with this MB which was one of the last photos Mike uploaded
Older Mercedes look so good with nothing other than a drop
One last parting shot

All 200+ of Mike’s Driven 2012 photos can be seen on his flickr.

The next show Mike plans to attend is a classic and minitruck show in July and personally I can’t wait to see more of the scene out in Calgary through his lens.


  1. second that and add no bags not sayngg theyre bad or anything just wanna make it harder for you hahahaahah but 18″ snow flakes are extra boss and eg/ej1? needs to loose the body kit and shave the side trim then it would b extra gnar

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