Guest Coverage: Vanfest 17


Those from out of town, or those of you who don’t follow the local truck scene, might be wondering why I keep making reference to a show called ‘Vanfest‘.

Well, despite it’s name Vanfest isn’t just a refuge for ‘vanners’ who like heart shaped windows and velour interiors, it’s also a haven for minitruckers who enjoy a good party.

Dubbed as Canada’s largest custom truck event and, being a person who likes mini trucks (and the occasional refreshing beverage), Vanfest seems like an awesome time and every year I don’t attend I feel like I’ve missed out on something awesome.

One day I’m sure the stars will align and I will be able to make it out to Aylmer to take the show in first hand but until then I’ll just have to continue to live vicariously through the photos and videos of others.

Today’s coverage comes courtesy of Kristina Doyle who you might remember as the person behind the lens of the Taylor’d 57 feature.

Hearses, Trucks, and Vans

Might as well start this with the reason you are all here, to see sweet, sweet vans.

Oddly enough I was watching an interview with Bill Murray about Ghostbusters 3 yesterday
Just a different shaped RV from the looks of it
The Cosmic Cruiser, over 36 feet of van built by Ivan Benic
Classic Ford Econoline
Beside Vannin' in the dictionary
I would like to see this van go up a steep hill, but I would not want to be behind it when it does
Off Road capability for the whole family


I’m a big first gen s-truck guy so forgive me if I selected a lot of them from Kristina’s coverage.

So close to what was my dream s-10 Blazer
Jeff's Tiki truck has one of the longest build threads on s10forum I've ever read, look for it in the next build thread Theme Tuesday
Pretty sure I remember this truck from my days on the Low Class forums
Jay's truck has one of the most unique paint jobs in the area
After not having a heck of a lot of luck looking for a first gen I began to consider and like Xtreme's
Street Outlawz second gen
Throw some D's
Steve's laid out GMC, look for a photo of it in the next Performance In Motion magazine
Geoff's Mazdawg
Hardbody on Escalade wheels, always liked this look
Kristina's own Ranger, recently Z'd at Taylor'd customs so it lays out flat
Another badass lookin' Ranger
C-c-c-c-combo breaker
Party mobile
This Dodge is pretty long but I bet if you put it beside the Caravan up top it looks like a reg cab/box truck
They Taylor'd 57 which later doubled as a tow truck for the vehicle below
This was the Ford it was towing
Nothing but love for this truck, very nice build
Hard to see here but I have always loved the tilted plate in the front of this truck, the eyebrows are a unique touch too
The Bronco II known as Bronc-Obama
Such a unique build, hope to see it this year

I’ve been saying it for 3 years now but maybe next year I can keep my schedule clear and head out to Aylmer…

Thanks again Kristina for the photos!


  1. Those vans are ridonkulous!What are those T-shaped things sticking out the top of the Caravan?
    That Dodge RV looks like it’s set up to tow a matching RV or car carrier trailer.
    Every once in a while I spot a classic van, last summer I saw one in Moncton, it had “Cruisin’ Fantasy” airbrushed on the sides!

  2. that wacky van should be a part of WTF fridays!! @James yes indeed as these photos only scratch the surface……… lol

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