Coilovers vs. Air Suspension


Adjustable car suspension is an important component that can significantly impact how well a car
performs, handles, and feels to ride in. Coilovers and air suspension systems are two of the most
popular types of adjustable suspension systems available on the market. Both offer unique benefits
and drawbacks, and deciding which one to choose is challenging.

Coilovers are adjustable suspension systems that use a coil spring and shock absorber in one unit.
Car fans and racers like these systems because they are easy to use, last a long time, and let you
fine-tune the suspension settings. Coilovers allow easy height and damping adjustments, providing
a more precise driving experience.

On the other hand, air suspension systems use air-filled bags instead of metal springs and shocks.
These systems are known for their smooth ride quality, adjustability, and ability to raise or lower a
vehicle's ride height. Air suspension systems are also popular with car fans and people who own
show cars because they can give a car a sleek, low look while keeping the ride comfortable.

In this infographic, we’ll compare the pros and cons of coilovers and air suspension systems. This
will help you choose the best adjustable suspension system for your car.

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