Theme Tuesdays: Second Generation Lexus GS


I got hit up on Instagram by @blackout_mcrz to do a Theme Tuesday on the Lexus GS, more specifically the S160, or second generation models. In 2012 I did a generic GS/Aristo Theme Tuesday but at the request of Mr. Blackout this one will focus on the second gen exclusively.

With the youngest of this generation being thirteen years old, they have reached a fairly accessible price point. Especially for a 1/3UZ or 2 JZ (N/A and turbo) powered Luxury RWD sedan.

I imagine these cars will start to get a lot crazier once a younger generation starts to get a hold of them and realizes that the future of Japanese RWD sedans looks a little bleak.

Going to take things back to pre-2012 when tucking Rays wheels was the thing to do
TEs work on everything.

I actually feel like one day I need to own a set of TEs one day, just because of how many I have photographed and posted over the years

Dan has kept his GS pretty clean over the years, if anyone can hook this guy up with a wood grain wheel he’d likely appreciate it

White and chrome make a bold statement – Photo: CMPixels Photography
I’ve always like the more subtle sport influenced VIP builds over the wild fins and vents that style gaining popularity today
Again similar sport influenced styling and utterly fantastic appearance overall
This black GS400 on Bronze lipped Work Gnosis still looks great today, something that can’t be said for all vehicles from SEMA 2012
At the 2012 Liberty Black event “Philly Rob” impressed many people being one of the first on Luxury Abstract wheels
Like all of the cars that have made it into the ranks of the exclusive Liberty VIP family the car is clean from front to rear
Paul Tolson’s GS400 is a popular one in the show scene, it wears Veliside bumpers all around and a custom metal widebody
The 1UZLE motor is now fed by two GT35R turbos
Still Steezy‘s Gray Schilling caught this car at an event last year, great looking GS
Best plate of this week’s Theme Tuesday goes to @vip_factory – Photo: NoLabelNo1
This car, at first glance, looks like a bagged GS400 on 20″ wheels
But then, ‘GO GO Gadget legs’ the lift on hydraulics is insane
Above and below is what happens when a minitrucker gets a hold of a Lexus – Photo:

LS motors make their way into everything so why not a Vertex kitted sinister looking GS400? – Photo: Modified Magazine

If you prefer your Lexus’ to have a Japanese heart how about this nitrous fed, turbo, 3 rotor powered example? – Photo:
This car is was the subject of a 2013 Speedhunters feature – Photo:
SH also had the feature on this drift spec GS built by Stone Motorsport – Photo:
It’s powered by a built single turbo 2JZ – Photo:
For those who like their drift cars with a little more classic street style flare, this BN sports equipped car fits the bill – Photo: Super Street
The owner doesn’t just have a car that looks the part either, he drives the thing. A full feature is located here – Photo: Super Street

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