Event Coverage: Eurokracy Montreal 2014 – Pt. 1


After an awesome weekend in 2013 there was no question in my mind that in 2014 I would be returning to the land of poutine and cheap beer for Canada’s largest euro-centric event: Eurokracy.

Now four years deep the Eurokracy staff –consisting of Rick Di Corpo, Sergio Da Silva, Jesse James and a host of volunteers– had their work cut out for them to best last year’s efforts, but with a little help from a stellar weather forecast they functioned like a well oiled machine and put on one of the best events of 2014.

People came from far and wide to see exactly what all the hype was about, and with lots to do and see I don’t think a single person left the Napierville Dragway disappointed.

The Burnout Contest

I showed up smack-dab in the middle of the burn out event (baby life) so I didn’t get as many photos as last year but I did get a few photos I’m quite happy with and as usual nothing gets the crowd hyped more than a big smoky burnout.

Stance East boys showed up and smoked up the place, they also took the spirit of Eurokracy award
This C30 did a good job of giving the crowd what they wanted to see
One of two ‘Burnout Sluts’ which were built specifically for this event
This A3 started things off pretty slowly but once he got going, damn


This year Stance Is Everything and French Canadian VDO teamed up to have a vendor booth which proved extremely useful as a place to hide from the sun and meet a few readers.

Additionally since I was car-less Taylor’d Customs let me cruise their Audi up while they trailered in the famous 57 Chevy pickup (the Beetle project didn’t quite come together in time).

Nobody told us it wasn’t a truck show…
On the flip side of the booth was this awesome MK4
Blair dropping jaws

After ducking out in the tent for a while, and properly rehydrating myself from the festivities the night before, I made my way out to snap a few pics of the vehicles who were not in the top 100 portion of the show and shine.

Being such a huge show I knew there was no way for me to cover it in it’s entirety so I stuck to things that caught my eye and held it.

Dude’s tell their girlfriends/wife’s ‘nah I don’t know what Brazzers’ is…
Got to see Alec’s Mazda 3 sedan in person for the first time… sucked not having mine around
I don’t recall Morpheus offering up a purple pill to choose…



As locals Low Level was representing hard


Stance East also brought this car through, dig the battle ship vinyl look
Finally got a chance to meet Pierre from Stance Culture, good dude who happens to own this Ruck



Love this car, if I could afford to get into one of these I totally would
Missed this car during the burnout contest… but the spare RMs told the tale
This car was clean as hell, nice use of the X5 wheels too


Coverage of the vendors and the top 100 to come later this week, check back soon!


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