Event Coverage: Mosport DMCC Part 3


Here it is, the third and final set of photos from round 6 of the 2010 DMCC series at Mosport. Qualifying was Tuesday, show and shine Wednesday, and today is the finals and photos from the podium.

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed this in depth coverage and will know (provided you are local to one) check out at least a DMCC event.

Today’s finals coverage is mostly broken down by driver.

Smoke shows

After the finalists were introduced a few of them decided to put on a little pre show, show.

Bernier showing the crowd some love via tire smoke
Thank god for tire sponsors
Another one of my favorite shots from the weekend
After Francois was eliminated this was his swan song
Matt Girard lightin em up
Poirer showing a lady a good time
Shouts to BF Goodrich

Frédéric Girard

Frédéric Girard and his Rock Star 240

Mats Baribeau

Big sedan's can play too
Mats chasing, Poirier lost his bumper
Another shot from the early corner
This was a good battle
Girard leads, Waldin chases
Girard and Francois in a tandem

Marc Landerville

Landerville continued to have a great day all the way into the podium.

All this shot needs is a more little smoke
Ah there we go
Landerville chasing Patinka

Pat Cyr

While Pat didn’t make it into the finals he drove well enough all year to finish out in 2nd place

Pat in his B-Boy stance
I love this shot because of the camber of his car, awesome
Pat at full lock
Pat dropping a tire into the dirt leading Landerville
Smokin it up lower in the course
Would have been a great panning shot...
I wish these head on shots the sun wasn't on the front of the car so much


Bob Patinka ended up putting together a decent day

More sun glare
Patinka's car also sounded pretty mean


Matt Waldin ended up blowing his motor in the finals but had accumulated enough points to finish the year in the top spot.

Nice shot of Waldin entering
Waldin sending smoke signals
Another shot from that sunny corner


Some shots of the antics on the podium

Those girls have no idea...
Too late to hide now
It's a celebration bitches
Waldin took home the year end, Pat Second, Landerville Third
So that's why he wore those glasses
A salute to the organizers

‘Till next year

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