The People’s Champ: Taylor’d Customs ’59 Beetle


It’s been two years since both the last time a Volkswagen Beetle was featured on the Stance Is Everything, and the last time a Taylor’d Customs build was featured, which is far too long for either.

The “People’s Car” is no stranger to the Taylor stable with at least two —and sometimes three— kicking around the shop at any one time. Near constant exposure to bugs is what birthed the idea for this particular car which Blair admits he has been wanting to build for a while.


This German model was found in Colorado by Blair’s dad and originally the plan was a quick refresh and a mild drop.

However with the car being as clean as it was things snowballed slightly to the point where ‘mild drop’ is perhaps the most inappropriate combination of words that can be used to describe the ride height of this car.


To bring the rust free pan closer to the ground first an adjustable 4″ narrowed beam was installed and set at its lowest position. In the rear new notched spring plates were used, again set to be the lowest possible.

Riding low is nothing new to Blair, but riding low static was a bit of an adjustment and ironically the only place he’s high sided the car is his own driveway.

Since that day air shocks have been installed and a hand pump has come along for the ride just in case.

stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-rear-bridge-2 stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-side

The unique, pea soup reminiscent color on the car was actually chosen by the previous owner and instead of sanding it down and getting it sprayed something more traditional Blair had the guys at Royalty Auto Spa polish it out to its current luster.

stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-front-end stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-rear-middle

The first time I saw the car under the shop lights I wasn’t quite sure about the color myself, but Blair always had faith so he had the trunk and hood painted to match before choosing the white and green color palate for the interior.

stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-interior-2 stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-interior-1 stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-brochure stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-stickers

Along with the fresh Wolfsburg West interior the ’59 received a new headliner and exterior brightwork.

New window seals and highly coveted pop out windows where also added and the car also features working semaphore signals. Rare items that die-hard Beetle fans are sure to be jealous about.

The front bumper was retained but in the rear Blair left the bumper in the shop. The smooth rear end helps emphasize perhaps the major talking point of this build, the rear camber.


The -9.5 degrees per wheel is necessary to tuck the 8″ wide steel wheels bolted to the back of the car. These wheels are a combination of factory centers and aftermarket hoops welded together by Blair with the help of Stony at Oddball Kustoms.

The front wheels are currently stock width but plans to widen them are set for the not too distant future.

stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-tree-frame-1 stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-tree-frame-2

With so much rear camber the toe is, as you would expect, quite a bit out of factory spec but with tires being a very moderate $50 a piece Blair isn’t too fussed about tread-ware.

stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-trunk stance-is-everything-taylord-customs-slammed-beetle-rear-middle-motor

Besides with the factory 36 horsepower 1100cc motor urging the car along from the rear it isn’t exactly a tire roaster.

Still despite the sub 40 horsepower rating the car is still very drive-able and does manage to get up to and maintain highway speed just fine, it just takes a bit of time to get there.


Though it’s the newest build in the Taylor’d Customs fleet this Beetle has already become quite the favorite.

It’s said that everything is for sale, and the ’57s recent trip overseas proves that, I don’t see this car going anywhere few a few years. Or at least not until a few more of his ideas roll out of the shop…



  1. Dope! Along with the semaphore signals, I bet the bug fanatics drool all over this thing! I love the color too…looks like it should have been an OEM one.

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