Theme Tuesdays: Dat Ass Part 3


On Sunday I saw something that made me think I should do another ‘Dat Ass’ Theme Tuesday post and, foolishly, I didn’t save it in the hopes I would remember it when the time came to put the post together.

No such luck.

However searching for it yielded the results below so things could be worse.

Classic flavour to start things off
For those who prefer a little more meat
Lowrider ass shot yields as a search term a lot more than just cars
Mercy, mercy me, that Murcielago
Pantera's are amazing.
Mayday has become one of my favourite blogs over the past few months
Badass Celica
FD <3
Using all of those over fenders
Damn fine looking Genesis
RWB rear via Solo
Also via Go With Solo
Bonita, Bonita, Bonita
Damn beautiful shot
More Low?
Sure no problem
G' G35
CIB has great photographers
Alright you twisted my arm here is some ass on ass

If I did a post of only photos like the one above I bet it would be ridiculously popular…


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