While pulling together yesterdays post I came across this Supra that I felt was deserving of a post all it’s own.

It’s a single turbo MKIV from Scotland that is currently sitting on BC Racing coils and rolling on 18×9.5 and 18×11 Work Meisters.

I am a huge fan of the fact the owner didn’t paint it some loud color, add a body kit, or go crazy with the wheels but what really captured me was this cars interior.

It is the icing on the cake and had I posted it yesterday I wouldn’t have been able to share it.

I am now officially more a fan of these cars without factory spoilers than with
The owner plans to get the front plate holes shaved next week to go plateless up front
Diffusers can often overpower a rear end but this Garage Whifbitz one looks great
The chili red guts... incredible.

This car has been featured in Banzai Magazine and the most recent thread about it can be found here.

Sadly no current pics from a few steps back.


  1. Nice. It’s a shame these cars are so rare and thus expensive. Plus, a lot of them have already been modified in unfortunate ways.

  2. i think fast and the furious made me hate this generation of supra but the first second and third gens way more but there is something about 2jz twin turbo that is still awesome hahaha i wish they would just have sold the engines alone rather than putting them in a car i will never have hahaha

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