Event Coverage: Hot Wheelz Customer Appreciation


This entire week will be full of event and guest event coverage so if you often check the site from your phone you’ve been warned.

Leading off the week of is coverage from the Hot Wheelz & Tirez customer appreciation show & shine that took place on Saturday at Hot Wheelz & Tirez in Mississauga.

Sic Ryde, Street Concepts, promoted this event along with the Hot Wheelz staff which drew a lot of the west end cars out.

The free, unlimited BBQ, was a definite highlight of the show with Sic pulling out all the stops and buying top quality burger patties for the event, I’m not sure what brand they were but they were delicious.

Free eats aside another small detail that stood out were the unique trophies pictured below, I know a lot of people who the more typical plastic trophies just throw them out after a few months so something like this people are much more likely to keep.

Much cooler than your standard plastic trophy

Kiwee’s Flex

Over the winter Kilian (Kiwee) completely ripped out the air ride setup he had in the car last year and redid it which put it right on the floor where it belongs, he also painted the wheels which really brings the vehicle together infinitely better than they did last year.

A lot of you thought the same on facebook as well, I may end up shooting more photos of this sooner rather than later…

The reverse rake from last year is now a thing of the past
Air management setup was also completely redone
Color matched lips are vastly superior to the chrome before it


Moving on to some of the other domestics I shot at the show.

I parked beside this car at ride height then came back to find it aired out making me look like a 4x4. Damn.
I figured I might as well look at the setup while I was getting schooled
This was honestly one of the exterior brightest colors I have seen
This Solstice is one of very few cars in the area on BC wheels... not sure they took off like BC hoped


The euro turnout was a little on the smaller side but consisted of a solid group of very tastefully modified cars.

This MKIII was just passing through but very clean
OEM+ styled 5
Sic's Porsche of which I expect big things in the future
The A3 is on my shortlist of future cars, the owner of this one let me know what motors to avoid
One of these day's I'll have to find out kind of horse power numbers this car is putting down, always been curious
He took home the Street Concepts 'tanked' award

Fiat 500

In addition to Kiwi’s flex many of you were also interested in this Fiat 500 the second I posted it on the fanpage.

It’s cool to see someone jump in with both feet on what is still a relatively new platform.

Cops probably love the red fogs and halos
I will not spoil the surprise but new wheels are on the way


Japanese Imports are always out in force at any show in the GTA and Hot Wheelz and tires wasn’t really any different.

I foresee issues with this setup down the road knowing Honda quarters
Lick Your Lips actually took home best team
Sonic 2 > All...  actually Sonic and Knuckles is alright too
If I am not mistaken the last time I saw this BC wide body RSX was at Rish's BBQ in 2010, had different wheels then
One of the better fitted Matrix's I have seen
Seeing people out of context is such a trip, I actually ride with the owner of this car
This RSX was pretty clean
As was this TL which is a regular at events around here
I have always liked how 19-inch WORK Varianza's fit this car, nice luxury sport style
Behind the Acura was Team JH who was on hand spectating
The wheels in the foreground are for sale if anyone is interested
This Infiniti took home best of show I beleive... I waited until it was all closed up to get a picture that did it justice
Vossen wheels are popping up everywhere these days
Harvin of Importfest's 370
Very, very, complete build aesthetically and I wouldn't be surprised if there were equally impressive mods underhood
Just the right amount of teal to set it off without being gaudy
Close up of the Gnosis GS4s

Luxury and VIP

I’m going to close out the Hot Wheelz coverage with a few of the Luxury and VIP vehicles.

If Sic is not in the dually (Sic Load) he is in this
Sid's CLS

Both Yudi and Brett were reppin’ hard for Liberty VIP, Yudi with his A side/B side look and Brett with almost complete makeover as seen on Liberty VIP’s blog.

Remember at Megaspeed when Yudi was walking two sets of wheels? Well his still is but the faces on the LMs have been primed and cleared... for now
The LS460 retrofit bumper works very nicely with the car and updates it as well
In addition to modifying his front and rear bumpers he also smoothed out his fenders

This week is just getting started, look out for some guest Gumball 3000 coverage later today!


  1. what was the black car with flares? captioned “I foresee issues with this setup down the road knowing Honda quarters”? i thought it was a lexus LS

  2. Nice. Dave, I’d like to hear what the guy had to say about the A3s because that car is on my shortlist as well. email me the details if you have some time.

  3. i think the black car is an accord or some 4 door acura maybe cl idk. but u definitley didnt get schooled by cavalier guy you still win cause ur car isnt a cavaleir hahaha he did however school u on trunk set ups but whats wth the roxy logos

  4. @1jz I think it was a legend.

    @haha It was a girls ride, girls love Roxy??

    @Phil I will shoot you an email this week

    @Ollie, nope never. You are crushing my practical vehicle dreams lol.

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