Event Coverage: 2012 CSCS Season Opener: Pt. 1


If you listened to the weatherman all week long than you are probably one of several people who skipped out on CSCS opener this weekend in fear of rain which is a shame because outside of a few quick showers most of the event was actually dry.

The drag strip was busy most of the day (which I was surprised to see) and the road course saw heavy use by both the time attack drivers and the drifters.

Today’s coverage will begin on said course, for this round of CSCS I was able to get a media pass and get right out on track which is something I have never been able to do before.


Something that had not occurred to me about shooting on course was the interaction between photographers on each corner, I basically tried to keep to myself and out of peoples shots, but getting prime territory was a hard fought battle and if you were in someones shot they let you know.

One of the photographers ended up putting his Go Pro where he couldn’t be in hopes it would get great footage but instead it got smashed into hundreds of tiny pieces.

As I said on facebook late Sunday night, this was my favorite vehicle of the event
The fact that the driver could hold is own only made it better
I really hope to see him at later events and get some closer shots of this truck
Chris ran into some trouble (well a hay bale) later in the day which was a bit of a bummer, not sure the final fate of his e30 now
One of the early top 8 competitors
I don't recall seeing much of Marin last year but he's back at it this year and doesn't seem to have lost a step
Dylan was driving pretty well all day but this was too funny to not include
Drifters anonymous car I think...
Ryan Stock always makes it pretty far at CSCS events
Ryan Stock and Anthony keeping it close in their tandem battle
Antony's consistency all day made him really easy to take photos of
His initiation points were always pretty much the same
As was his speed and angle, he ended up taking home the 1st place spot
Just another reason why this truck was awesome
Dylan on the left ended up going until his tire blew sending chunks of rubber my way
One of my favorite photos of the day

Time Attack

The biggest buzz around the track at this round of CSCS was whether or not the unknown, rumored Chinese Grand Prix competition driver, would be able to take the track record (1:13.9) from Sasha Anis.

With no practice ‘Racer-X’ manged to get the fastest lap of the day (1:16.9) but wasn’t able to topple Sasha, I am sure he wasn’t two sad though as he brought two Ferrari Scuderia’s along with him and his own entourage of women.

Looking forward to seeing the battle for top spot continue at later CSCS events.

This car would link turns on three wheels it was pretty crazy
Teknotik sponsored DC
NV Autos Subaru
Looks great, performs even better
Took a lot of pictures of this car actually
This car is 100% street legal
Defcon Racing put down the fastest unlimited FWD time at 1:17
Congrats to them, running that fast is no small feat
This JRP/HSD FD is always a consistent runner and fast car
So fast in fact I couldn't get it all into frame most of the time
Got lucky here
The aforementioned unknown driver going after the crown
Just a few shy of the record

Show & Shine coverage should be up tomorrow, with Fitted coverage the following day.


  1. That truck is unreal. Sorry to hear about Chris de la Cruz, Ive been in that car passenger seat for roughly 6 years now. Love that POS lol

    Good coverage!

  2. That was actually a Fearless Motoring car, the yellow S13! The Drifters Anonymous cars were the white and black 240 that didnt qualify, Miguel in his 180 and Marin.

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