Theme Tuesdays: Miatas Part II


Awhile ago the Topless Theme Tuesday came and went with not a single Miata in sight. Rightfully I was immediately called out for ignoring Mazdas good looking, and capable, little roadster.

Miata fans worldwide don’t fret, this snubbing wasn’t intentional and just a huge oversight on my part I plan to make up for today.

Before I jump right into ‘hard parked’ examples here are some that are setup with more of the boxes ticked in the function side than form.

Nice balance between function and form on both of these
Drift car from Japan, couldn't find higher res sadly
Awesome little Miata
Posing with a Honda powered friend
This is a Speed Hunters (if you couldn't tell) feature car from 2010
Gets driven as you can see
Found this in a thread talking about fairly large sized spacers oddly enough
Known as the SA baby monster I think it puts down just shy of 300hp

The complete opposite of the above just because.

Perhaps a little too much...

And now onto the ones that just plain look good

More for the poke fans
Not too long ago this car was everywhere, certainly a love or hate kind of car
This shoot with Taryn of I <3 Stance was also everywhere
V2 Lab, drove under a truck and used to be chalkboard paint, Miata
Not too many cars can pull of the 4 spoke but the Miata does it well
The more I stare at this the more the front end starts to resemble a fish... creepin me out, my issues aside nice looking Miata
The off color hardtop look isn't bad here
Fellow Mazda fitment member, and the newest Miata in this post
I think these are the off road TE37s look great on this car that looks as though it could shred those mountains
Aviator Grey and SSR Mk1s
Interior Crocodile Alligator
If I were to have anything but polished lips...
Another roller
Hardtop would set this one off
No word of a lie the definition of 'Fap' came up in a work meeting yesterday
and last but certainly not least

The next time Miatas make an apperance in the Theme Tuesday category it will be all local (or at the very least all Canadian) cars, then after that perhaps only swapped ones…


  1. its a monitor lizard lol
    nice one for sneaking the mini in there and the black face swap car is all love from me!

  2. i had to google it lol thats what happens when one lives in an non english speaking country for the best part of a decade

    i figured

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