The Wheel Estate


After the Hot Wheelz & Tirez customer appreciation show and shine Yudi (aka Kingpin) rolled his car out back so I could get a few additional pictures of his current wheel setup.

On the passenger side are the silver polished 19×9 -10/19×10 -6 Leon Hardirtt Waffle wheels you probably remember from his feature and on the drivers side are the similarly sized, previously gold, BBS LMs he had on at Megaspeed.

I say similar because I know he has plans to flip the faces and re barrel them so I am not 100% sure where they sit at right now.

Either way the new clear coated white primer look suits his car much better than the gold did but, this isn’t the final look either.

What is? Who knows other than Yudi himself.

Yudi has also started a new company called the Wheel Estate which is provides 24/7 tire sale pick up and delivery in the GTA.

If you are looking for a particular wheel chances are Yudi could also help you out there as well and should you have any doubt he can guide you down the right path in regards to fitment scroll back up.

Tons of event coverage coming this week.

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