Event Coverage: 2012 CSCS Season Opener: Pt. 2


Back with the second and final part of the CSCS season Opener coverage with today focusing on the show & shine and Stretch & Poke Fitted showcase.

The CSCS show & shine is always an interesting mix of cars and I have tried to capture a lot of them here, I missed out on a couple between heading back and forth to the track and talking to people but there is a good mix of what was there in this coverage.

Chances are a lot of the cars present Sunday will be at later events so I’m more than certain I will get everything before the season is out.

Random stuff

Trying to pick this back up again because there is no shortage of weird, wild, stuff at car shows in the GTA.

The owner of this car signed up to jdmrides a long time ago and I always kind of thought it wasn't a real person just someone trolling, guess I was wrong
Hello Muffler

Kimi Qin

Kimi Qin is reportedly the driver I dubbed ‘Racer-X’ in yesterdays coverage and in addition to the Mine’s GTR he brought out two Ferraris and 3 women in tight dresses.

They say money can’t buy happiness and while it’s true I never saw Mr. Qin smile he didn’t look mad either.

One of his two Ferrari's
A look at the Ferrari's binders
The Mine's GTR stopped, yes those women stood there all day
The cars, plus the women drew quite a crowd
The things money can buy


US based car club/show team Nokturnal made it out for the CSCS opener and brought along some of their more unique projects, new york guys seem to really love marble paint.

Ever wonder what a Rolls Royce front end on Monte Carlo would look like?
No me either... but someone did so they build this
Bagged Can Am Spyder on custom wheels that was at CES this year
Ipad in the tank, and speakers everywhere this was a very clean (though unorthodox) build
Andrew rolls with Nokturnal now
Another year, another paint job for this Gen


If I hung around the strip a bit more I probably would have seen a few more domestics.

Sleeper Festiva
This car would walk me though no doubt about it
This car passed me later on the highway and honestly looks really odd rolling the way it is setup
This S10 from Street Outlawz is a CSCS regular vehicle, the paint on this truck is pretty awesome, changes under the light but nothing to the point where it looks tacky
The bed setup is also pretty wild, never noticed it before, or the Bride seats
Another shot of Sean's Escape 3.0 powered Contour that people seemed to love to hate from the fan page

Fiat, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, Volvo, VW, Porsche

Government mandated bumpers, disrupting the flow of cars since the second they were required
The Fiat many of you liked from Hot Wheelz has changed, a LOT
The guy in the background is making sure what he is seeing is real life
From what I have read Volvos are a right pain to get low
Not a car I really expected to see at CSCS but every once and awhile people surprise me
Pair of Golfs bridging the generation gap
Polished CCWs, practically the new LM
Didn't get to see this Porsche out on the track but I wish I did, nice to see people out in different cars


Widescreen, standard def
I have not seen Gabe, or his Mazda 3, in over a year, lots of Shinzo work on this car
The comic book lip is pretty unique, though I would have gone with a G1 comics myself
Jon's Mazda 3 on his new bright green XXR wheels
Tom of Nine 0 Five rides recently switched up quite a bit on his Celica including new wheels and a lower ride height
He also shaved the bay and had it airbrushed
Shout out to the owner of this car for the support
Killer looking FD closer to the track
Nice bay too

Stretch & Poke Fitted Showcase

Stretch & Poke teamed up with CSCS to have their first trophy show for 2012 at the CSCS season opener, while the turnout wasn’t as big as their meet the weekend before  it was pretty good again considering the weather mans predictions of doom for the day and the fact that Spring Fling (coverage soon) took out most of the VWs.

I even managed to score some tire shine in the raffle.

Carolina's very clean roadster
You can get with this, or you can get with that
Elevated's Lexus, unique color
Brian's car getting some love in the Meguair's booth
Jeff managed to go an entire week without smashing his oil pan
Dylan's Kouki
Saw him pulled over by the local PD on the way home, hope it wasn't anything to serious
This hatch proves that less is more
Jeff took home first place in the air category
Blain rolled into second
and Justin took home third
Justin's GTI is so nicely put together
Dan (yellow s2k) got first in static, James (blue s2k) got second, and Stephen (Gold Civc) got third
Hard to argue that Dan isn't worthy of a first place trophy

That’s it for this round of CSCS coverage, the next round is June 24th at Grand Bend which is the same day as the Nine-O-Five Rides Truck & Tuner expo.

I’m looking to get coverage of both and I can only be in one place at a time so if you are in either Grand Bend or Niagara and feel like contributing footage from one of those two shows please shoot me an email (stanceiseverything at(@) gmail.com.


  1. Thanks for the picture of my cars new look again this year. Sorry that you think it looks odd. It’s still a work in progress to dial it in.

  2. Yup it’s a solid rear beam with the caliper brackets as one piece with the beam. So can’t shim for camber.
    Picked up a drum brake rear beam( sans caliper brackets) and fabbing some new caliper brackets to mount between the hub. Shimming that and then I can get camber in the rear. Motor and tranny are being lifted as well so I can get the car lower. It’s a lot harder to properly fit a car that has zero aftermarket in doing so. Once it’s done it should look good.

    FYI you snapped pics of my car last year. Had the custom drilled BBS lm reps on them.

    • Ya when you passed on the highway I figured it had to be solid or else you would have had some camber.

      I seem to recall other people trying to do the same with your car having the same problem. I’ll keep an eye out for your progress as the season goes on.

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