Guest Coverage: Drift West Round 3


Mike McConnell hit me up last weekend to let me know that he was in Penticton BC covering round 3 of the Drift West series.

It looks like the Drift scene out west is thriving and Mike is always great behind the lens so this is easily some of the best drift coverage to ever hit the site.

I’m going to forego the comments (for the most part) and let Mike’s pics do most of the talking.

Shout out to dude killin’ it in the Mustang, love it
What’s up to Serial Nine who’s been known to stop by here now and again
Safe to say the driver of this car keeps drifting fun
Not sure why but I really like this…
Based on pictures perhaps my favourite car all around from the event

Love the graphics though the Pac Man noise is now stuck in my head

Mike is also working on a little video of the event….SIE premier?

More can be found on his flickr.

Thanks again Mike!


  1. the truck was the tow rig for the event, and we picked it up on the way to Penticton. I can’t/won’t pastup the opportunity to hang out of speeding vehicles windows to take photos of cars 😉

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