Theme Tuesdays: Uncommon Stance


Rolling with the tone set by Erik’s feature today I am going to post a selection of platforms not commonly seen within the stance community.

I did something similar before called ‘Untraditional Low‘ but I prefer’ uncommon’ better (there is of course no telling how I will feel about calling it that in two years time).

To be clear I am not saying that everyone should go out and make these platforms common but don’t be against trying something different.

Start things off the the Cousin to the Ford Probe
and a second for good measure
The second Vera I’ve posted here… well third if you include the one with eyelashes
I like this Range a whole lot
Kia on Wald Duchatelets
I guess sidekicks/trackers/SunnRunner lowered are not that uncommon but one on banded steels sort of is
Stacey Dash
Suzuki Forenza which is apparently an Chevrolet Optra here
Can you roll a plastic fender?
Altima Coupe?
Altima Sedan
Probably the only Daweoo Lanos I will ever post
Saab Aero 900
Jeff was about to toss this car in a river but now he is going to finish it
Any excuse to post Mr. King’s truck is a good one
Not bad actually
Super dope Lincoln MKS
Lotus Espirt bagged build is here
The only Alfa you will see setup like this… if you ever see it.
This Micra is crazy and weird, read about it here

and for no reason at all a Boso Saturn



  1. Not to be a smart ass but the first car is an mazda MX-6 not a ford probe.. I know there the same car but still! He is on if you would like to find more pictures of his car.

  2. Oh nice my picture of Aaron’s Versa is up here!

    If you want more pictures of it feel free to email me, I know he’d be thrilled with a little feature 😉

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