Theme Tuesdays: Untraditional Low


The lowrider style Auburn Speedster I posted last Friday got me thinking that people will lower basically anything and everything and I should do a Theme Tuesday dedicated to those who like to think outside of the box.

I had a few of these vehicles saved already but after doing a lot more web mining I came up with a pretty interesting collection of photos.


Look, a Yugo!
Forgive me for not knowing what this is but its cool looking
I've posted this Ford COE a few times but no one ever complains...
There is something so right about this.
Slammed Big Rigs are familiar territory around here
This is known as the Sneaky Pete, it looks different now, but looks wild here
This lowered short bus is a few years old now
Wonder if the owner still has/drives this
This is a bright green Ice cream truck
This truck was for sale on ebay awhile back
This jeep has been kicking around for years, ruffled a lot of feathers when it was first done
This Jeep is probably nothing new to you, it's been on a few blogs
I did not know it had a Nissan power plant
The windshield is like a mail slot
This one is fairly new to me but is pretty wild
Wonder what it's like to drive?
Another dope bus
Let's see sparks!
I have not the foggiest what kinda car this is
The craziest for last... this is wild.

Shout out to those who think outside the box


  1. I’m pretty sure the front end on the 2nd to last pic is from a Brasila, I have no idea about the rest. That Yugo made me snicker a bit (sorry yugo fans).

  2. I had to do a double take on the yugo, when I first looked at it quick it almost looked like a MK1. The yugo doesn’t look overly bad…I wonder what you can shoehorn in to them powerplant wise??

  3. The rusty VW is a SP2.
    It has been produced in Brazil from 72 to 76, this one probably being one of the first.
    Actually, I’m recognizing the location as well. The car is sitting on the “Sambodromo”, the place where brazilian Carnaval is held, in São Paulo.
    I was always a reader, but had to comment this time, hehe.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I have a video of that second bus dragging. It used to be blue. I believe if you search youtube, it’s there. GO EZ/Surface DVD.

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