2JZ: They Will Put That Shit In Anything!


2JZ motors remind me of the LS motor because, like the Chevy V8, people love to shoehorn Toyota’s straight six into any engine bay big enough to hold it (and a few that are not).

Other imports, domestics, European cars, and even a couple trucks have all been given 2JZ heart transplants over the years.

I found this ’83, 22 tucking, bodied, 2jZ, powered Ranger on s10forum last night (while hunting for something else) and was instantly floored.

The 2JZ actually seems to fit in there pretty well
If you don’t  count the fact the Garret t04s turbo pops through the hood just a little bit

This build looked pretty promising and caused quite a stir when it was brought out to an Art of Noize show under construction around 2010. The reason I say it ‘looked promising’ is because the build dropped off in 2011 and since then I can’t find anything about the truck… at all.

Finished, scraped, stored, abandoned, I have no idea.

Laid out on 22 x 8.5 front wheels and 22 x 10.5 rear wheels
Not sure how tub construction would work given the wheels are over the bed sides. The suspension setup did save most of the bed thoug
The unique cantilever suspension set-up manges to save a lot of the bed
The truck as a roller at an Art of Noize show
The rear is from a GS300 and the brakes are from a G35
The panels are actually powder coated instead of painted which is pretty cool as well

Really wish this build was completed, more so after watching this video.

Street Source build thread is here.


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