Event Coverage: 2013 Detroit AutoRama: Pt. 1


The Detroit Autorama is one of those shows I’ve been meaning to attend for several years but always put off until next year because of it’s distance from my house.  Having now attended the show I feel foolish for letting a drive that really isn’t all that far keep me from a show that is really worth attending.

Autorama showcased some of the most impressive builds of any show I’ve been too. Traditional Hot Rods, Customs, Mini trucks, and several things in between were all jam packed into the two levels of the Cobo Center.

Today’s coverage is a mix of everything and there is plenty more to come.

When I posted this car on the fanpage (and here on the site) people almost immediately thought it was a Photoshop…
…but it’s 100% real and quite nice in person
Not too far away from the Stingray above was this 77 Prostocker
I am actually not sure what this is but it was so unique I just had to get a shot
Jim Noteboom’s Cadillac Phantom wagon originally started as a Sedanette
This Caddy was called the Rootbeer Float and had one of the best paint finishes I’ve ever seen
The front end was mean yet classy
The Six shooter made it’s way from Vegas to Detroit, the airbrushing on this truck is so intricate
I honestly can’t help still be draw in by first gen blazers
Nice to see a few trucks out in ‘The D’ rocking Ontario plates
This Colorodo is also from Ontario and is honestly pretty damn ridiculous
Heidts IRS kit. Pretty trick
There’s actually a hood on this truck, it was very clear lexan

The Little Shop Of Horrors

The Little Shop Of Horrors is a Tenesse based shop capable of doing simply outstanding work. If you’re not following them on facebook I suggest you do because their work is hardly horrific.

I can’t remember the last time I saw one of these Rangers on the road but I do distinclly remember a primed one on bags from my higshcool years
This Ranger was ten years in the making
The interior looks like it ought to be in a classic luxury vehicle. A better look at the unique cluster can be seen here
I loved the paint colour (which is actually more of a pewter than the photo illustrates) on this truck
The finish worked incredibly well with the wheel colour
The wood bed was also a very nice touch

Previous Ridler award winners

The Ridler award is essentially one of (if not the) the most prestigious awards  a classic car builder can win and it’s only awarded to vehicles that are showing for the first time. This means you basically have only one chance to get it right.

Unlike more contemporary builds that seemingly vanish after they win their respective ‘bests of shows’ Ridler award winners seem to stick around for quite some time.

I’ve always been a fan of the over top top, well done, builds of the mid 60’s and early 70’s so seeing the previous winners in person  was a treat.

Though not as old as the rest Bob Rizzoli’s 1995 winning Mercedes Benz 560 was pretty impressive. It competed in the NHRA/IHGRA and it’s won 125 awards in 16 years
This ’32 Roadster pick-up known as the Top Banana won the Ridler award in ’68
Known only as the Devil fish this ’73 winner is completely custom and as the name implies very fish like.
This twin, mid engine, Corvette was built by the same builder as the Devil Fish above just a year earlier.
A fire engine themed C Cap pickup took home the award in ’67

Quick Silver

I will more of the vehicles competing for the 2013 Ridler Award in part two of the coverage but this truck, simply known as Quick Silver, is a great example of what it takes to make the ‘Great 8’ of this competition.

The level of quality here is off the charts and it really is all in the details.

This is a truck that you could easily spend hours looking at and not notice all the details
Quick silver etched on the little headlight buttons…
..and milled into the calipers and center caps
End today's coverage with a shot of the valve covers that ar,e of course, also adorned with the builds name
I will end with a shot of the engine bay where the valve covers are of course also adorened with the builds name


  1. That black c10 I think is owned by a guy named Jeff, if it is its being built by a shop in Michigan called Auto Rod Technologies, same with the green blazer in the background.

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