Event Coverage: Stretch & Poke! Presents Fitted Lifestyle 2013


For the past four years Dave and the ever growing Stretch & Poke! operating team have been providing Toronto’s aggressive fitment community with quality events for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

Last years season opening event clocked in record attendance and, not a group to rest on their laurels, the Stretch & Poke team strived to top their previous success with an even bigger 2013 event at an all new venue.

Word of last years success must have spread far and wide because people came out in droves from all over Canada.

With so many cars coming in and out, and several people to talk to, there was absolutely no chance I was going to be able to capture everything in sight but I did my best to get as much as I could.

Today’s coverage includes a few shots of the roll in along with a few of the cars outside.

Roll In

This years Fitted Lifestyle had the longest roll in of any local event I’ve ever been too. As the event staff worked hard to get people into their respective parking spaces I snapped a few photos.

This photo is almost near the final entrance, cars went up and around the corner to the right
This shot was taken right before the curve you see in the shot above and really doesn’t represent even half of the line
I’m not sure really what happened here but this guy ended up getting a little stuck. He eventually managed to work his way out of the grass
Tom from Nine O Five Rides was at the event for about the blink of an eye but I managed to get a quick snap of his car
Thomas wound up taking home best sedan on his Tiffany blue Diamond racing wheels
G35 on XXRs stopped in the line up
Chris Johnston’s Mitata looking great on his new wheels, loved the new trunk as well
Lots of poke out back of this Nissan
Jeff bringing the noise with his recently v8 swapped S10 daily driver
The best coupe award winner for 2013
In the time that has passed since I last saw this Jetta it has changed wheels and ownership
Stunning Ghia, I don’t often get a chance to see a lot of these
Previous featured ride owner Lukasz ended up taking home a well deserved best classic

Exterior Coverage

Going to continue the outdoor coverage tomorrow but here’s a couple of the cars that were posted up.

Really dig the theme of this Subaru, perfectly executed
Well played.
About two weeks before the event Shayan’s original motor decided that moving his car was no longer it its agenda and gave up the ghost. He showed up to fitted with one that he put in a few days prior
This bagged Jeep as the compressor set-up in the spare wheel, one of the more unique things I’ve seen, very hard to shoot unfortunately
Matt’s IS300 is officially out of it’s winter slumber, the NT03s look great on it
Props to this owner for keeping this from becoming a flinstone car! Can’t remember the last time I saw one at show
I believe this Protege has changed wheels since I last saw it
Nextmod reppin’
One of several nicely done Silvias
Matthew Barrada’s insanely clean Cali transplanted 240
Such a pristine well put together car
Cruised beside this car on the way to the show briefly, looks amazing rolling
Thought this side exit was kind of neat and random, must drag hilariously often
Ryan tempting fate with the STI lip under his Nextmod lip
Couple of the Scraped Crusaders

Hard Sparkers

Going to end today’s coverage with a crew from Montreal known as the Hard Sparkers who drove in pushing pebbles and drove out with some hardware.

I’ve been seeing an astounding number of dropped CRVs latlely
The Civic in the forgeround took home second place in the static fitment category
Fitted Lifestyle’s 2013 best wagon and in my opinion it’s one of the best first Mazda 3s to ever be put together
It is super clean, the colour is awesome, and the fitment is on point
Never expected 17×9 +12 to fit so damn well all around, great job JF see you at Eurokracy!

Lots more coverage to come as soon as I get through the editing!


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