WTF Friday: So These Are A Thing?


Mid week long time reader Clint Jolly Green sent me a photo of a Pontiac Fiero that had been converted into a two seater trike. Shocked and intrigued I foolishly set forth looking for more info on what I assumed to be a one off creation.

I was wrong, it was far from the only one in existence and many a ‘resourceful’ gear head have in fact transformed a Fiero from a four wheeled vehicle into one with only three.

Some of these arguably ill conceived creations look like they could see a lot of road hours without fail, while others appear to be held together by the sheer will power of the builder.

That’s a for sale sign on this beauty, sadly can’t read the asking price
Is it weird this is the only time I have seen a Fiero tow anything?
Points for using Fiero wheels all around I suppose
Daytons and continental package make this the most “be-dazzeled” of the bunch.. oh and all that diamond plating
Judging by the driveway this one belongs to a Fiero enthusiast
Almost seems a shame to have something so big be only a single seater
Then again I can’t imagine it’s easy to get passengers
This 2 seater is the one that started this whole mess of a WTF Friday

One can only assume that creating these is relatively simple (on the scale of a trike to car conversions) but I am a little shocked to see that these are (or were) so popular.

Someone even built a Raptor style one and abandoned the rear engine configuration entirely.

This is easily the best built one of today’s bunch
That’s evidently an SBC mounted to an auto trans

Poor Fiero’s can’t really catch a break, everyone wants to turn them into something else instead of the quirky mid engine ‘sports’ car they were designed to be.

Site Updates

More Eurokracy coverage coming up as soon as I get through it as well as a post on this years Meguair’s Car Crazy Canada’s Best winner.

Flashback Friday

It occured to me at Eurokracy that I have not seen the car below in some time. Anyone know what happened to it, used to see it quite often.


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