Theme Tuesdays: Daily Moleskines With Chris Piscitelli


I feel fairly confident that everyone reading this has, at some point, penned the odd doodle or sketch of a something automotive related.

My first illustrations are a vivid memory, and though I can’t/don’t draw today, illustrating at a young age gave me both an appreciation for the finer details of vehicles, as well as an appreciation for art in general. Recently I’ve found a renewed interest in automotive art and as such I’ve been perusing the work of others.

One artist –who I’ve been following via his blog Design 165— is Chris Piscitelli who’s incredibly cool 2014 ‘Daily Moleskine’ project leapt out as something I simply had to share here.

Before launching into the collection thus far I am going to share an excerpt of the inspiration behind this series because I feel it too is something all of us can relate to. I myself have a BMX magazine collection that’s a little out of control.

At some point in the 70’s my mother made my old man toss a bunch of his old car mags. I’m not sure where he managed to hide the hundreds that I still ended up with, but regardless, when he “purged” the first time, he ripped pages out with things that were important to him at the time. So I have an overflowing folder with piles of disintegrating magazine pages from the early 60’s. I’ve decided to use them as the subject of my daily Moleskine pocket sketch book til I fill it, or run out of old pages to reference…(I’m sure the former will happen first). – Chris Piscitelli

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_t
Boso styled MX3

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_v

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_x

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_u
1955 BMW Isetta

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_w

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_s

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_f
“Boso” styled fastback skyline

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_r

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_q

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_e
BMW 2002 tii

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_p

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_o

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_d
T-Bodied Dragster – Car Craft 02/1964

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_n

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_m

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_c
Car Craft 1964

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_l

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_k

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_b
1937 ford- “Car Craft” 11/1963

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_j

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_h

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_a
Daily Chicken Scratch # 426

Chris Piscitelli_moleskin_sketch_y

Huge thanks to Chris for giving me permission to repost his work here, and be sure to check out both his blog Design 165 and follow him on instagram @design165.

While you’re there be sure to convince him to let me feature his Omni GLH project one day too.


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