WTF Friday: Rear Steer Minitruck?!

Photos:,,, @gct_alabama,hart_rod


Several weeks ago I was alerted via instagram of a rear steer mini truck equipped with dually wheels, and up until last night I had completely forgot about it.

Since a few instagram photos didn’t provide much more clarity about the truck I did some digging online and managed to come across additional photos that really showed the trucks capability.

No information on the builder or anything of that ilk but the pictures do a good job of showcasing the trucks up, down, and steering capabilities.






Not sure what benefits (if any) rear steer provides in this application but it sure looks cool.


  1. Actually it’s quadrasteer, a rare option for this vehicle. Heavily modded obviously, 8to10 lug spacers with semi wheels, 22 front and 24 rear. Both the front and rear turn independently or with each other.

    • Thanks eamon I guess I should have put rear steer equipped, never meant for it to come off like it could only steer from the rear. I had no idea it was an option!

      Is it yours?

  2. There are no records that Quadrasteer was a option in 1984 as it didn’t debut until 2003 on the 1500’s. Very nice truck to see in person. All of the above pics were taken at Scrapin the Coast car & truck show in Biloxi, MS earlier this year. Sadly I never saw the owner so I wasn’t able to get any details on it.

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