Theme Tuesdays: SIE Canadian International Autoshow Favourites

Additional Photography By: Chris Johnston And Drake Nolte


Upon returning to work Friday a few somewhat car interested co-workers asked what my favourite car of the entire show was. Being indecisive, and crippled by automotive A.D.D, I couldn’t exactly narrow things down to one but gathering up a few seemed like a novel idea for a post so here we are.

I extended the same question to Chris and Drake to help round this one out.

1912 Stutz Bearcat

Located in the Art and The Automobile display this is one of only three Stutz vehicles I have ever seen in person, and the only one from the companies original run.

A descendant of their 1911 Indy 500 winner this car was touted as a mix of class, luxury and speed back in the 1900s.

These 120" long cars boasted a then quite powerful 60 horsepower 4 cylinder motor
These 120″ long cars had a powerful (for the time) 60 horsepower 4 cylinder motor
Details separating the road ready car from the track only version include the lights and fenders


This particular Bearcat was expertly restored, making it quite a treat to look at

Cadillac Cyclone

Chrysler’s Turbine car (posted yesterday) wasn’t the only aircraft influenced vehicle at the 2015 show. While the Chrysler had the turbine power, and the Cyclone only looked like it did, this concept Cadillac was full of other air craft inspired features like proximity sensors and a radar based guidance system.

The exterior boasts nose cones, fins, and afterburner like tail light surrounds, while the interior has a few styling cues from jet cockpits.

This rear view, and instrument view, almost makes the car look as though it were from ‘The Jestons’
There’s actually a bubble canopy for this car instead of a top which would further drive home the Jetsons look


After being brought around as a concept for a number of years the car was eventually retired as a demo vehicle, not sure if this is a privately owned vehicle now or still it GMs hands

Pat Cyr’s Scion FR-S

Stepping into present day one car I really wanted to see was the latest rendition of Pat Cyr’s competition FR-S.

Stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up Pat’s car has never looked better, or been more capable.

The Red/Black livery Pat’s car wore last year has been replaced with this Vibrant orange, red, and black
Wisefab suspension pieces have been added to the front and push the wheels out far enough to give the car lots of necessary steering angle


His previous sheet metal wing has been replaced with this new version





I wasn’t able to take a look under the hood but a 2JZ lurks under the hood now, replacing the factory FR-S FA20

Lexus RC F GT3

Lexus brought their potentially FIA GT3 bound race car to CIAS for its Canadian debut.

Based on the RC coupe this car was Chris’ favourite vehicle of the show.

While it will probably compete with a bunch of sponsor stickers all over it, I almost hope it runs like this because it just looks so menacing


A modified RC F’s 5.0-litre V8 engine capable of 500+ horsepower will be the power plant for this car


Toyota FT-1

A favourite among the three of us Toyota’s Ft-1 concept has all the makings of next generation poster car, should something even remotely close to it make it into production.

However being a “design study” rumoured to be powered by a golf kart motor I have my doubts.

The F1 inspired front end would certainly stand out on a production vehicle, It would also be absolutely ruined by a license plate


21″ wheels used to seem enormous, now not so much



The Ford GT

The new GT was Ford’s big booth draw for 2015 and, being made here in Ontario this car had a lot of us Canadians talking. Sometimes second generations miss the mark entirely when it comes to retooling but Ford really nailed it with this one.

On paper a lot of people don’t seem to like the missing supercharged V8 but I reckon after a few videos pop up, and lap times, people will start to care much less.

Ford says the car rides on Active suspension which raises and lowers at speed, and for speed bumps.
Under that covering lies the “offending” 3.5L twin turbo EcoBoost V6 rated at 600+hp


Ford designers did outstanding work incorporating the aero into the overall design of this car with it looking too “wingy” for lack of a better phrase
However the Scraped Crusaders mentioned that this looks like the Angry Bird Pig and now it’s all I see when I look at the rear


Pagani Huayra

Last car honours today go to a vehicle that really needs no introduction the Pagani Huayra. Sitting a stone’s throw away from where the Zonda sat a few years prior this car was the highlight of the Autoexotica room, and to some the highlight of the entire show.

cias-2015-auto-exotica-pagani-1-dt cias-2015-auto-exotica-pagani-2-dt cias-2015-auto-exotica-pagani-3-dt cias-2015-auto-exotica-pagani-4-dn

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