Event Coverage: The 2015 Canadian International Autoshow – Pt. 1

Additional Photography By: Chris Johnston And Drake Nolte


As winter begins to get long in the tooth, the Canadian International Autoshow arrives to give enthusiasts of Ontario a bit of reprieve.

This year in addition to being on the ball and applying to media preview day early,  Chris Johnston and Drake Nolte were able to join in on the festivities as well. Adding their coverage to the mix really helps make up for the fact that I typically get distracted at this event by gratis food, press kits, and Hot Wheels vending machines.

Collectively we all took a hefty number of photos so the coverage will be broken up into multiple parts, including a special Theme Tuesday tomorrow.

But first, part one!

Art And The Automobile

This year the area of the show previously occupied by Triumphs, Hot Rods, and Richard Petty’s race car was filled with concorus quality classic cars. Sponsored by the Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and CBC’ Murdoch Mysteries, this exhibit threw back to the days when cars could almost be considered functional art more than automobiles.

A stark contrast to the cars in the other halls this exhibit was stunning, and rivaled the Auto Exotica exhibit for monetary value per square foot.

936 Delahaye Type 135 Court Teardrop Coupe… 2.5 million dollars worth of car
I believe this is a 1929 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster
I spent quite a bit of time taking photos of this 1912 Stutz Bearcat, a couple more will appear tomorrow


The unmistakable ’36 Cord


This Cadillac Seville tucked tire from the factory, now cars have fistfulls of wheel gap. Where did we go wrong?
I really wish this Chrysler Turbine car was parked somewhere with better lighting and better vantage points, positioned where it was I’m not sure people noted the significance
Despite that it was still pretty awesome to see one of these in person, check out the video below if you want to know a little more about this car

Auto Exotica

As always the Auto Exotica section of the show was full of cars that will be forever out of the average person’s price range. There were a few stunning vehicles in this area but the ‘Belle of the Ball’ was the Paganai Huayra, which there will be photos of tomorrow.

While technically across the hall from Auto exotica this Pfaff Tuning McLaren 12C was I couldn’t leave out this Pfaff Tuned McLaren 12-c
The Pfaff logos adjacent to the exhaust were a nice bit of attention to detail
While still a concept I was told that The Maserati Alfieri will be in production by 2016, relatively unchanged according to the man in the suit standing near by
The detailing between the spokes was pretty cool, keying it to the vents and the calipers was a great touch to tie everything together


Most of the cars at the Canadian International Autoshow actually been debuted at the North American International Autoshow in Detroit but it’s always nice to see the latest and greatest in person.

BMW’s i8 with its unique swing up doors
Naturally being the only motorcycle rider of the three of us, Chris nabbed a shot of one of BMWs two-wheeled offerings


While the Ford both was pretty much dominated by the new GT, this Hot Wheels Rip Rod was pretty cool
Sublime Green Shaker package Dodge Challenger
I had to take a look at the Hellcat, mighty understated considering the power it makes


The 707hp supercharged heart of the beast
In addition to featuring talking ipads that followed you around on Segways (seriously) Mazda’s booth prominently displayed the new Miata
Not a bad-looking little number, and respect is due to Mazda for keeping this marquee alive
I was in the right place at the right time for the Scion press conference where they unveiled the new Scion IM
It looks as though it falls somewhere between a Honda Fit and a Mazda 3 in size
Nissan’s blade glider concept takes bits of the Delta Wing concept to the street
Still pretty early in the concept phase the idea is that it wold be powered by a hub-mounted electric motor on each rear wheel
I’m told Kia has been lugging around the GT4 Stinger concept for a few years now
With no word on if it will enter production the 315-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder coupe just remains a neat idea more than anything else
Would you drive a Kia sports car?
The 2016 NSX was one of the biggest debuts of the Canadian event


Twin turbo, electric motors, 9 speed transmission….for those who get a chance to drive this car I bet it will drive unlike anything else.
The Infiniti Q80 inspiration, should it be released, would fit into the lane currently occupied by the S- Class and 7 series
It’s quite a unique concept, though sedan in length, it’s a 2 door car with suicide doors


The headlights are said to be inspired by the human eye and were, in my opinion, one of the best of the show
The tails were quite beautiful as well
Closing out today’s coverage will be the Mini Supra Leggra concept
Dubbed a familiar face with a twist this car is Mini’s modern take on Italian speedsters


The aluminum body is all hand crafted which allows for unique details like this
The interior is a unique combination of luxury and exposed framework
The interior is a unique combination of luxury and exposed framework


There’s a lot of very interesting details throughout car such as these really cool union jack tail lights

Going to call it here for part one but there’s much more to come this week, stay tuned!


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