WTF Friday: Tofu Drift Van


So I might have to take a late pass on this WTF Friday subject since this is actually the second iteration of this particular van, and here I am writing about it for the first time.

The last time Previa’s graced this site they were more of the hard park and show variety but The Tofu Drift Van isn’t meant to look good sitting still, it’s meant to shred tires around the track.

Version one of this van used the factory rear end, but after that proved inadequate the owner/builder basically removed the entire back half of the van and replaced it with readily available s14 parts, and s13 coil overs.

He also added a cage during the process since, well, now a lot of the floor is gone.




The result of all the owner’s hard work is the sheer awesomeness showcased below:



Hungry for more power the next upgrade will be to put a Subaru flat six in the van because at this point why not make this build further unique? (Also he has a lot of real world weight distribution reasons why this is the best choice).


More information on the build can be found at the in addition to Facebook and Instagram.

The more oddball drift chassis the better!

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