Not So Righteous


Friend, fitment king, and all around good dude Blain of Righteous Garage had the wheels yanked of his Q45 the evening of May 16th 2016.

While pulling the wheels the thieves also did a number on his door and body kit as it looks like they jacked it up by the door then the rocker due to the cars lack of ground clearance.



This situation is incredibly unfortunate but due to their size it’s highly unlikely that the person who stole these wheels will ever be able to put them to use. Even if they do put in the work to fit them a LOT of people know about the theft at this point, including reputable wheel building shops and media outlets so the second the car shows up anywhere alarm bells will sound.

The nitty-gritty on the wheels is as follows:

Stolen weds bazreia 19×11 19×12 as seen in the photos. $500 reward or $1000 if you can bring me who did it.

235/35 Minerva front tires 275/30 general tires.

Light scuffing around front outer lips. Missing one centre cap. Minor oxidation of clear coat over diamond cut.

If you have any info please contact Righteous Garage.

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