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Joey from The Chronicles recently tossed up a post called Japanese Treats where he posted a few cars from Japan including this Acura Vigor.

In that post he stated that nobody gave a crap about the Vigor in the US and now that I think about it nobody really cared about them in Canada either as I am pretty sure I have not seen one anywhere in a solid 5 years.

What’s weird is people rocked the hell out of legends (Ludacris loves his) and a lot of people are all about TLs which replaced the Vigor.

Popularity of the model aside this Vigor is dope and clearly took a a cue or two from the VIP scene.

Looking at the way this one is done up I can't really tell why they were not popular
I could see this fitting in quite nice at a VIP Styled Car meet
Got Camber?
Is it just me or do these look like Accord Tails?
Hmm... upon closer inspection maybe not
Next look or maybe previous look?

Maybe Honda should have made them rear wheel drive…

This car and more at jdm-usdm.


  1. @shota mori
    カナダとアメリカに日本の「インスパイア」は違うです。カナダとアメリカの「Acura Vigor」 と「Acura TSX」 は日本のアコード。それで、インスパイアはカナダとアメリカのアコード。

  2. Thed Vigor used a G20S, which was an inline-5 that was mounted longitudinally yet drove the front wheels. I have a 1990 Legend L with the C27 V6 and it uses a conventional drivetrains setup. The 1st-gen Legends are fantastic cars. Oh, and BTW it was the RL that replaced the Legend/Vigor, not the TL

  3. i got 1 they make nothing really for it it take accord suspension on it he has a great looking car i wonder if he was motor mods to it i had to custom everything beside the accord coilovers

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