Opposite Day


Shake Rabble and Roll is a local themed diner about fifteen minutes from my house and is my go to on Monday’s and Saturdays if I have a few minutes to fill between dinner and Ash’s bed time and feel like looking at cars.

I’ve been about six times now and while there are some regulars (one of which I’ll post next week) there are a lot of new cars that come and go as well and this post has one of each.

I’ve seen the car a few times, it sounds really mean, looks rough, and is the type of car that if it were a person you wouldn’t want to come across in a back alley.


The 54 Ford truck on the other hand, while still mean, is a lot more refined and a vehicle and is what I would more equate to the type of person you wouldn’t want to meet in court.



Due to where it was parked I couldn’t get nice photos of the front so the rear will have to do for now, I’m sure I’ll see it again and perhaps I’ll ask for a peek under hood.

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