Boy, some year eh?


Well then. I don’t think there’s a single person among us that would say that 2020 is going to plan.

The proverbial shit has hit the fan these last few months, and the Thomas household has been fairly deep in it.

Don’t worry, Ash Lyndsey and myself are all, thankfully, still healthy and Covid free. But both my wife and I being professions that depend on people interaction, things have been a little stressful around the dinner table.

Couple that with a now six year who’s been out of school –seemingly forever– and time is as scarce as money.

But how’s the old saying go? When the going gets tough the tough get going?

That’s what I’ve been doing; going, full speed.

Freelance, and my day job, have been the name of the game the past few months just to make sure the buffer that keeps us afloat remains.

Doing this has not left much in the tank for anything else. However, things are beginning to normalize, at least in Ontario. So, hopefully I’ll be able to (re)direct some of that foot on the gas intensity here very soon.

I know, I know ‘soon’ has been my rhetoric for months, but don’t worry I’ve got some plans to make good on a few things while this shapes up to be a borderline event free season.

In the meantime watch out for this extremely nice LS3 powered Chevy Nova in the next issue of Canadian Hot Rod Magazine, and check out a few of my most recent pens over at

Also check out my IGTV series on Project Why Wait, don’t consider it a replacement for the section here, just an added plus.

I hope you’re all still healthy and safe. We’ll figure a way to put all this nonsense in the rear view soon enough.


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