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Theme Tuesdays: Duallys Pt. 3

It's funny how often one random instagram image leads to a full blown post here on the site. The first image in today's Theme...

Theme Tuesdays: Duallys Part II

After a cottage bachelor party weekend a little recovery time was in order (hence the lack of Monday post), so this weeks Theme Tuesday gets lead off honors and as such I might as well go with something big. The last dually Theme Tuesday went over very well so I had started pulling together a second almost immediately after.

Theme Tuesdays: Duallys

Of all the lowered/dropped/slammed/sparking vehicles I have shown people not into 'the scene' the two that provoke the most reaction are vans and duallys. With Vans people just can't wrap their heads around why someone bothered to modify a family hauler and with duallys they scream bloody murder that the truck is now useless. The funny thing is 90% of these people couldn't put a dually to better use themselves so I am not sure what the big deal is, these things look great on the floor.

Theme Tuesdays: Lowered Trucks Pullin’ Stuff

Most of us (especially those of us who have done it) have at some point heard someone state that lowering a truck ruins a truck. The funny part about that statement is that most lowered trucks are still more truck that most nay sayers actually need, and are still very capable of hauling miscellaneous goods, be it in the bed or on a trailer as is today's theme.