Featured Ride: Kingpin’s Y34


Looking at this100% authentic Junction Produce Y34/M45 sitting among the rest of the Liberty VIP cars at Importfest ’11 it would be easy to assume that it was an out of town car.

It certainly looks the part of a car that would be right at home in the garage of a member of the Yakuza.

However this beautifully modified Y34 isn’t from over seas, or the United States, its home is right here in Toronto.

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As one of the newest members of the prestigious Liberty VIP family Yudi Kingpin Persaud’s car is the perfect example of what’s possible when you don’t settle for ‘good enough’.

Drawing inspiration from only the finest VIP cars in Japan Yudi took his time researching what purchases were necessary to turn his luxury sedan from stock to head turner before contacting SKperformance and modifying the car literally bumper to bumper.

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To start things off a 5 piece Junction Produce body kit was ordered and installed while the front end of the car was updated to the 2003 version.

Completing the 2003 upgrade properly requires fabricating a new rebar which is exactly what was done and once the conversion was sound structurally a Nissan Gloria front grill was installed and the lighting was converted from halogen to HID units.

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The Junction Produce theme that started with the body kit continues throughout the rest of the exterior as a JP rear spoiler, roof spoiler, mark emblem, fog lights and muffler have all been installed.

On the inside a Junction Produce Fusa, Kitsuna, and steering wheel cover are all showcased beneath SKperformance LED lighting.

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Finally after all of the JP accessories were properly fitted an air runner suspension kit was installed giving the car the ability to gracefully touch down.

Only once this car is completely on the floor do you notice one of the most complicated modifications, the radiused front fenders. These modified fenders are what keep those beautiful silver polished 19×9 -10, and 19×10 -6 Leon Hardirtt Waffle wheels visible when the car kisses the pavement.

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In the VIP world, where authenticity is paramount, Kingpin has proven with his Y34 that there is absolutely no replacement for quality workmanship.

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Photos taken by Heimond Ching provided by Yudi Persaud.

2003 Infiniti M45 – Modification List


  • Junction Produce Y34 5 pc body kit
  • Junction Produce rear spoiler
  • Junction Produce Roof spoiler
  • Junction Produce Muffler
  • Junction Produce Markemblem
  • Junction Produce emblems
  • Junction Produce fogs
  • Fully radius front Fenders
  • Custom CF wrap and grill trim
  • Nissan Gloria custom front grill
  • Full rebar and custom front end
  • Gloria window visors
  • Full 3″ stainless cat back Exhaust
  • Hidden Reverse sensors
  • Gloria led tail lights
  • HID fogs / Headlights
  • LED projector reverse light
  • 3m clear bra front end


  • Air runner suspension
  • Braided stainless steels lines
  • Custom ALM tanks
  • V480 compressor
  • Quick connects to power / user for air flow
  • Super drain and water trap
  • Easy street air management
  • 4 piston Brakes
  • K&N Intake filter
  • 0 guage wire
  • 8 FH CAP


  • LED lighting by SKperformance
  • Junction produce Kitusuna
  • Junction Produce Fusa
  • Junction Produce steering cover


  • Leon Harditti Waffe (Silver polished finished) 3pc forged (19 x 9 – 10, 19 x 10 – 6)
  • Cooper Tires (225/35/19, 235/35/19)


  1. Clean! Every time I see Junction Produce bumpers, I think the same thing: Simple, elegant, perfect! Love the car man.

    P.S. People, get yourselves a GRAvatar!

  2. Dave .. that Mark being Mark ..LOL he use to own the Kit a long time ago .. but he needed for me to show him how its trulyrocked on a Y34…


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