Square peg, round wheels.


With all of the awesome cars I share here dedicating an entire post to my own ride almost seems out of place. It’s not the lowest or most aggressive Mazda 3 but I’ve received far more compliments on it this year than any other and my previous sunk setup was well received so what the heck.

Big thanks to Steve at Square Peg Images for picking up my slack and shooting my car for me, if he didn’t take these pics I probably would have never got around to doing it this year.

I’ve already got a small list of modifications planned for next season as well as things I have to address to keep the car looking clean but the most important (and most relevant) plan will be getting the car about a half inch lower.

My goal is to do this without removing lock rings. I’ve got my front spring rates and lengths figured out but I still have to figure out what I am doing for the rear which is kind of tough as most people just run the spring back there.

For those curious the car is on BC coil overs with what is now called the extreme drop kit, dominant camber arms in the rear (about 2.5 degrees) and 17×8/9 et 38 Work Equips with 215/40 tires all around.

Here is the video, not sure why I was landing so rear wheel heavy that day with the hops hah.

The full photo shoot is here and if you want to see more of my riding check out vimeo


  1. Looking good Dave! Big props for keeping it tasteful. It looks good and still useable. You have basically the same stance I hope to achieve with my Fit. Low enough to tuck a little tire, wheels *just* poking past the fender, and some tasteful body mods. Keep up the good work!

  2. @Jay I’ll come see you in the spring before I order

    @Stephen thanks, I actually don’t really tuck tire yet (just no gap) but just a bit while not setting my fenders on fire while I drive is the goal

    @John ya most people don’t think I am black for whatever reason. I guess the amount of black, bmx riding, hockey playing, blog running guys is pretty low lol.

  3. Saw Dave’s car this weekend and the Oktoberfest meet and you truly need to see his Mazda in person to truly appreciate it. Super clean car and its definitely lower in person. Props to you bro 🙂

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