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If you’ve been following along with my Friday site/personal updates, or on twitter, will have known that I recently made the switch from my Eibach Sportline/Koni Yellow combo to BC Racing BR type coil overs.

After the initial install, while the ride quality was vastly improved, I was shocked to learn that my new coil overs actually sat higher than my previous setup at their lowest setting. Not cool.

So it was time to consider my options.

Option A: Go back to my previous setup and maybe hack of a ring or two off the springs pre re installation but I quickly nixed that idea as I was a fan of the ride quality, and adjustable height and dampening on the on the BC’s, as well as the camber plates.

Option B: Buy a set of *insert brand here* coil overs and hope that they actually lowered my car further than I already was. Problem with that being that their seems to be a lot of discrepancy online regarding how far certain coil overs will lower Mazda 3 which could mean that I could have ended up in the exact same situation or worse, higher.

Option C: Contact BC racing and see what could be done about my predicament.

Ultimately I went with contacting BC racing and the customer service representative I got, Mike, was excellent. After providing him with measurements of my ground to fender height (24″) and where I wanted my front end to sit (23.5″ or lower) Mike contacted the R&D department who came up with a solution that allowed me to get lower without removing adjustment collars or modifying the coil overs in a way that voids the warranty.

What they ended up sending me shorter shock cartridges, shorter springs, and lock rings with a smaller stack height.

The result was a .75″ additional drop adjusted all the way down without adverse handling effects.

All in all I am pretty happy with how things came together and glad I got the ride height I was going for; a slight forward rake with no direct finger gap all around (if you go on an upward angle you can get your finger in there).

Here is how I am currently sitting, and I can’t wait until I find the right set of aggressive wheels so I can get flush.

Enough talk:

As you can see I have a nice forward rake going as oppose to saggy bum
The rear on this side looks a little higher, I might have to do a little tweaking
Ground level shot, my pinch welds are lower than my sides and scrape at times
This shot is what really makes it for me, exactly what I wanted


  1. The windows (most) have a light tint one is untinted from a break in I’ve been thinking of going a bit darker soon though.

    Wheels, who knows, might explorer other companies brands and stuff (been looking at ’10 STI wheels but they are heavy). I daily my car and get enough break ins already so probably nothing to loud…

    and Thanks guys 🙂

  2. do thay make a simple looking carbon chin difuser for the mazda 3 cos that would look meeeeaaaan i realy like the wheels but id love to see it with a wider track and just more strech

  3. @ ^: I have been looking for a rear diffuser for the Mazda 3 for a while can’t find any good looking ones. Kinda want something like a mugen style diffuser but none, so gotta go custom.

    Dave: Is this a case by case basis when you
    contacted bc? Or will they send me a set of shorter springs, similar to you, if I contact them?

    I didn’t realize the car sat lower with the
    sportlines than the bc’s. I’m running sprint springs with 1.75″ lower and koni yellows all around and want lower and thought sportlines or bc’s but now don’t know which way to go

  4. That looks really good Dave, I reckon the stance is pretty proper already. The height looks great, perhaps all it needs are slightly bigger wheels. Are you running 17s?

  5. @ollie I have not found a diffuser no but there is rumor of someone local trying to make one.

    @J Kirby_ If you email them they will provide with what I have no extra cost as long as you order direct from them

    @Phil thanks, yes currently on 17s next set would be 18 for sure (and keep these for the track)

    Thanks again guys

  6. Very nice!!! I like the drop! I’m glad that you managed the problem. BC seem to be a very good company from the point of customer feedback. Very nice from their side btw!

    I guess i face same problems with my future APs 🙁 But I won’t have any other option except of removing helper spring and cutting rear spring….. KW are not even close to that range of feedback.

    So… Glad for you! Keep it up and make it wide at last!

    PS And do not make windows darker!!!

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