DC Squared


I was surfing JDMR the other day and I noticed that the red DC in this post is up for sale/being parted while the white one is going under the knife for a 2011 transformation. This means that these photos, which are not all that old, are now time capsules of the last time these cars wore their Mugen inspired look.

I’m not sure what the owners plan to do next but judging by what they have already accomplished it’s safe to say that what they are pushing in 2010 will look at least this good.

Both of these cars are as clean in person as they are in the pictures. I’ve seen the red one first hand and and have spent lots of time reading the build on the white one and several people have vouched for its cleanliness.

Candy red lips match pretty well
Respect to the owner for keeping those massive side skirts scratch free
Front plate law FTL.
If red isn't your style how about some white
White on white done right
Rega's are awesome
Pick your poison
Like the composition of this shot a lot
Wonder how these two will end up for next season

Hurry up summer 2011…

Photo Credit: Gary (GTSX-05)


  1. ok this plat law? are you not alowed to mout them at 45digrees???? because if you have to have a plate (we do in europe too) it might as well aid cooling!

  2. Thank you for featuring our cars 🙂 if you want more info. on them on whats going on contact me by email.

    Thanks, Zaheer


  3. Red DC is doing it big…so sleek and aggressive at the same time, volkswagger stop hating dude. white one is clean as well

  4. These two DC’s are flawless in person! If you have ever seen these two on the road, than you would understand passion is. That candy red is just a perfect colour, most of the time re-spray colours don’t always work out but god-dam it’s so fresh. The white DC i’ve spotted around, clean as fuck, nice as fcuk, sounds amazin as fcuk…

    Quality shots!!

    Racing Inspired!

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