When men were men


It appears that when men were men they drove the snot out of open wheel cars in open faced helmets with not a care in the world.

I have no idea what sort of race series these photos came from, and no idea what type of cars they are but I know they needed to be shared with more people.

Check the staggered tire size out rear... or is it staggered tire amount
The look of determination on his face let's you know he means business
Explanation needed... anyone?
This looks to be a current race series of classic cars judging by the updated bucket


  1. sir dave the makes in disending order (no clue on the modles apt from the bug and im too lazy to luck them up astonmarten ,bugati(back when bug was french),speed way car so i think its american exlanation there american lol,and i think the last one is a tolbot but i could be very wrong ! in britan and europe pretty much all fors of vintage and classic racing still takes place everything from the lemans classic down

  2. The first is an Alta (late 30’s, no idea of model/chassis number), the second is a Bugatti type 37, and the last one looks to be a Lagonda, although I’m not sure of the model. I’m not that good with pre-war stuff.

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