Steel box


Most of the cars on the street right now are on stock wheels, or steelies due to the weather. A few brave (and fortunate) people rock a second set of aftermarket wheels but for must of us it’s basic, narrow, black steelies.

Steelies covered in snow and salt in the winter don’t look good, in fact they look like crap, but painted, polished and widened in a valley with now snow and look pretty damn good as the following Scion Illustrates.

This box is remarkably clean and while the camber in the rear might be a bit much for some I think the over all execution of fitment makes it worth while.

I love seeing well fitted cars with fenders that are still clean…

Damn sooon
I love shots where all you can see is dish.
Anyone recognize where this is? Not to familiar with my barren backdrops
Simply clean.


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